This thought justappeared in my mind. One I know because of my last week’s reprisal from asteady constant flow of doing-ness. Allowing me to get more in touch and intune with me, the me that has been quietly (well taught, trained, and restrained)expectantly (hope, faith, and passion keep the flame tended and lit) patiently(I love me, is growing andbecoming I love me) As these thoughts keep pushing, like a seed that sheds its hullto become a seedling. I am finding who I am in my writings to me.

Discovering in thisnew/old tool that I am allowing myself to sprout wings and use them, encouragedby the changes in my external world. Which as I write out my desires andreestablish my connection to me, even as I share this with others. I have learned,experienced and now understand, the only important thing in my writings is tobe in love with “my” choices, about me, for me, with me. Others comments nowread or looked at, to help me hone, shape, and create where I am headed. What Iexpect to have, now with the resource of my written focal point, which I can edit,change, add or detract from, on the way to each and every desire as it comesinto my place of further awareness. From what I generally want, begins the changesto become more defined, more focal, more exact.

Suddenly a newfreedom for others pops in my head… I allow this impulse to just be, makeanother cup of coffee, open the door to see how this morning’s weather hasprogressed, looking for a sign to be privileged and encouraged in this pursuit.I spy the hawk which folds its wings, steps off of the power pole it has beenperched upon, to glide slowly, magnificently, to and fro over the adjoining field,up to and within feet of the doorway I stand watching in. To then continue itsflight with a single solitarily flap of its wings, continuing its effortless glide,down the hill, over the lower altitude trees, one more flap, a circle, as itcontinues to allow the breeze to aid it in its journey. Sensing this is thesign, that all of my rehearsal has now come to a larger conclusion about to be sharedwith the world.

I go online; I putthe query in for blog sights. This one draws my attention, I read, peruse,check into its opening page, and another question comes to mind “How do I knowthis is where I wish/need to start?” Once again a query in the search bar aboutblogging sites online, which leads me to words and titles in the proposedselections that “feel” like the answers I am seeking. The reading and sortingthrough thoughts, comparison of results sift through my mind, filtered by mymatching gut feeling, then assured by the synchronistic reading which includesthis site in articles I have chosen.

So I’m in, sign up, confirmI am who I am sign in, go to refill my drink and walk back to find the door hasbeen blown open welcoming my sight to the wonderful cool weather, with its brightsunshine, in front of the shades of gray clouds marching the incoming coldfront across the sky!

About irfriske

Trainer, coach, teacher, parent, writer, exploring and sharing the connection through observation of what the Universe reflects back to us in our continuing education in living, loving, and enjoying life in interacting with horses, people, and animals.

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  1. Excellent points made. Thanks for this article.

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