School, Responsibilty, Lights Up Ahead

I wrote, posted, watched a movie with my youngest, then went to bed and knocked off the book I have been re-reading siting there on the shelf. Curious as to what page it had fallen apart to (I have read and re-read it so much it is now in pages, and sections) So I proceeded to suddenly feel, find and understand these words: “If you train yourself in the practice of deliberately picturing your desire and carefully examining your picture, you will soon find that your thoughts and desires proceed in a more orderly procession than ever before. Having reached a state of ordered mentality, you are no longer in a constant state of mental hurry. Hurry is Fear, and consequently destructive.
In other words, when your understanding grasps the power to visualize your heart’s desire and hold it with your will, it attracts to you all things requisite to the fulfillment of that picture by the harmonious vibrations of the law of attraction. You realize that since Order is Heaven’s first law, and visualization places things in their natural order, then it must be a heavenly thing to visualize.
Everyone visualizes, whether he knows it or not. Visualizing is the great secret of success. The conscious use of this great power attracts to you multiplied resources, intensifies your wisdom, and enables you to make use of advantages which you formerly failed to recognize.”
Pages 11-12 of the book Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrend written in 1929 the book was copyrighted in 1951.
I have had it for at least 10 years, understood a little, put it away. It would appear, I would highlight some more stuff, understand more each time, then put it away again. Till it reappeared on my shelf back about September, where I have read it at least 10 times again since then, just this is the first time I got, understood, saw in my mind exactly what she was saying.
About then my best friend called, we shared my stuff I found, her newest Abe reflections and I dozed off to sleep. Waking up realizing why, millions of dollars have never been easy for me to visualize… It’s not my desire, or dream. The minute I felt me think that, was the exact moment all kinds of easy to visualize scenario’s about things I desire, came up, were fun, complete, and then I let them go as I was driving just enjoying my morning and myself.
Came home, youngest gone off to school on time. Fed, hayed, made buckets came in here to write. Phone call from school, deep breath, the vice principal, my son took his pocket knife to school with him, showing it off, cause it’s cool looking and came from his older brother. Someone turned him in, the VP was so rattled about having to send my son to alternative school for 45 days and tell me. Because it’s just one of those stupid kid things you do, but there is a law on the books here in Texas about knives at school and the blades being over 3”.
I took a deep breath, told him its okay, we have been working through a lot of stuff and he is finally getting it that he has to take responsibility for his actions. It will be okay, it will all work out. He thanked me, we have a meeting for tomorrow. And I am truly okay with this. Things always work out for me, and they will for my son too. Life is good, I can see down the road all the pieces changing, shaping and coming together in a different, better way! I think I will go write in my story some more!!

About irfriske

Trainer, coach, teacher, parent, writer, exploring and sharing the connection through observation of what the Universe reflects back to us in our continuing education in living, loving, and enjoying life in interacting with horses, people, and animals.

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