Christmas 2011 and Onward…

Today dawned, cold, but well snuggled down, comfortable, lazy Christmas morning. Sounded drier, I got up, opened the door to a pristine cold, clear, drier gray, clouds, pink sun rays, and light blue sky showing through. Thankfully the rain has passed, and there is enough breeze to start the drying of my ground for tomorrow’s lessons.
I wandered out to feed and spy something amiss in the round pen, where I had turned the new horse loose for the wind break and more room to move. He must have decided he would rather be in his initial pen, because he has moved two sides of my round pen with the gate into a shoot formation twenty feet closer to his old pen. I had forgotten how big and powerful draft horses can be and he has deftly brought me a reminder of the force behind attention coupled intention. So fence work is now added to the day’s work.
Get all animals fed, turn on the stove, fix the coffee and pop in some biscuits. My son wanders in with my gift, I reward him with his breakfast and the reminder of the movie theatre treat later today. We sit to eat, and I check his phone which is still not charging, asking for his assistance to discover I have the charger hooked into the earpiece connection. All feeling silly pick out a movie for breakfast and what a hoot “Elvis Has Left the Building” older flick with Kim Bassinger… we laughed, and laughed. The entire morning even repairing the pen was full of fun.
When a thought found its way to me, about how very many I am fantastic with that I quit doing, because the encouragement to follow that pursuit was always hinged with the things I could do to improve it. Another big insight into how I have allowed the outside opinions to affect me…
I splurge for lunch, I taught my youngest how to fix rice stuffing, prepare, stuff and truss to Cornish game hens, then baste every twenty minutes. To then chow down in style in front of the movie, thoroughly enjoying the weather forcing another full day off on Christmas…how cool is that. We then go to the movies the newest “Sherlock Holmes” have a blast, feeling all successful, ready for my completely new way of life…starting tomorrow in a more consistant present tense… Thanks Marguirette!

About irfriske

Trainer, coach, teacher, parent, writer, exploring and sharing the connection through observation of what the Universe reflects back to us in our continuing education in living, loving, and enjoying life in interacting with horses, people, and animals.

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