Mondays Information of Attunement With The Universe

This morning’s dream seem to color and allow more changes in my understanding of my life with the people who live in it, or frequently visit here. The dream about a man from long ago whom I finally decided to initiate contact with in hopes of forgiveness for following the guidance from external sources (my family) versus my heart. When I met him, his first words were to tell me of his impending marriage and he looked so sad about the information, I turned to his mother who then included me in all of the preparations. The whole time I was assisting, I felt how wrong all of what was going on was, like I had missed the boat. So much so that in my waking I took the time with all of the day’s events to allow each one to be studied from as many different angles as I could come up with, to be awarded with the following scenarios;

The first item of the day was feeding, aware my youngest had managed to feed at the last minute when he remembered he had not grained last night, though he guaranteed he had hayed earlier. So I watched as I fed each horse in turn, noticing all were calm, but one outside horse seemed fussier than the rest. As I began to hay, I noted the cover not replaced on the large bale of hay, meaning he had hayed the horse it belonged to, but in opening the barn, there sat the entire hay cart still filled for the previous evenings feeding.  Explaining the fussy horse, knowing the others had all been turned out in the lush fields all day so the missed hay was not a worry, another item to get him to learn to double check each area on his list. Amazed at the calmness this turning of the mirrors was providing me.

My first lesson of the day, who from the previous evening at the end of two hours had made much headway in finding another place of understanding in this learning to actually do what she has always dreamed of. Slowly chipping through the wall of fears, from her caring familie’s stories of how bad things could get after an aunt had experienced a wreck on a horse as a young teenager. For today’s lesson albeit a tad soar from her struggle to relax yesterday, the grooming, saddling, and groundwork have really become almost second nature to her, with just me filling in pieces for her to try, as she finds the way that works best for her. It’s when she first gets on, her feet no longer on terra firma, and the horse moving any way but exactly where she “hoped”, that she tenses and looks to me for answers. So for the next twenty minutes I kept my distance, and encouraged her every time she gets forward movement, reminding her she has to look where she expects the horse to go intentionally, or the horse will make all the decisions for both of them.
It takes a while, but two hours later she is riding with intention, and decisiveness as she overcomes each small fear of “what if what they said is true”. Finally realizing she can make positive decisions for herself, where she wants to go, and how fast she is going to get there.  With lots of stories passing between us as I share the fears of others opinions, how once I learned that I could say no, live through standing my ground no matter what, people either liked it or didn’t, no lightning bolt struck me dead for being different, and I do make great choices for myself.
Thus the lesson ended for all three of us: The horse as the teacher, showing us how important being decisive, lining up one’s energy, moving toward one’s chosen path… then all things work together. The student as the teacher, showing me how looking to others for all the answers, keeps me stuck in the waiting for their approval to move forward. Me as the teacher, allowing the pair to find what “works for them” in allowing them to figure it out by explaining the language each of them is conversing in, till they find the understanding of being okay “in each moment” breathing, moving, asking, and working together.

The dance I find the Universe teaching me: Observe everything, keep turning it around, there are many answers in each moment. Relax, allow, there is no right or wrong…just better or worse. Right or wrong have such judgement to them. For me better or worse is easier, because then I feel I am moving forward, or just stuck doing it over till I find the better way. I so love learning, living, and understanding my life!


About irfriske

Trainer, coach, teacher, parent, writer, exploring and sharing the connection through observation of what the Universe reflects back to us in our continuing education in living, loving, and enjoying life in interacting with horses, people, and animals.

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  1. I love how you observe everything until your observations make polished gems to share with us. There is no missing the boat in your approach. 🙂

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