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Wandering Deep In Thought…

Today marks my birthday, another day along this path of self-discovery, fascinated as always with the wealth of information that keeps presenting itself for me to discover, read, delve into as I explore this realm of earth I currently inhabit. Definitely looking into old habits, ideas, and thoughts as I begin to journey further afield each day, as my dreams become more than just thoughts quietly percolating in my mind.

I find myself suddenly opening and re-examining old forms of energy work, that I had study and used with immense success several years back. At which time I had the feeling of being adrift in a very large sea, many miles from any friendly shores. Aware now of how much of what came so easily to me, is now becoming much more common place and acceptable. Once again amazed at how the Universe has so directed my life to learn, understand and position myself in the perfect place, at the perfect time, with the most ideal tools to be welcomed with wide open arms.

Yesterday marked an amazing accomplishment. One of my five year old students had showed up again for their lesson. The parents faithfully bringing the horse and child for another lesson, which once again started with them asking their daughter if the father was to be the rider or the little girl. At her okay, the horse was groomed, saddle, warmed up and bridled, then taken to the mounting block, with her mom just hoping her daughter would actually get on, have a lesson with no tears, no scene.

I had already okayed it with the mom to try a form of energy work on this young lady, watching as she stepped onto the block, then the leg up to the first stirrup, where she froze as she started to get on. I immediately started asking her questions, quietly assuring her to just pet the horse on the side and just lay across the saddle.

Several questions, several energy sweeps, each time progressing further across the saddle, then actually astride the horse. The mother quietly thinking if the horse with rider could just take one or two steps, then…  All the while, with each change in her body posture, I would ask the little girl a consistent string of yes or no questions, then ask to redo another energy sweep. Slowly progressing on from one step with me leading, to two, till we were doing the entire round pen, each accomplishment following the changes I could see in her face and feel in her body.

We continued like this for almost an half an hour, till the little girl was sitting up grinning, talking about how much she loved her horse as she was once again riding at a walk, completely by herself. She then signaled she was tired, ready to get off, to then take her horse back to the mounting block. Got off, undid all  of the equipment, and with her dad unsaddle the horse and to then load her back in the trailer.

The mom was just amazed, after the last two sessions of a crying, bawling, highly terrified little girl, even on my lesson horse. Suddenly back to the wonderful, riding student, eager for her next lesson. Saying even though she watched, heard, and sort of knew about energy work, she had been hoping to just get her daughter back on the horse. What I had accomplished was just so much more than she had even begun to hope for.  Giving me so much more to ponder about the direction I am much more solidly headed back to, after these last few years of just finding a more solid idea of who I am, what I can do, will do, and intend to be.

What an outstanding present hours before the official day. My day of announcing to the world, I have found all of the important pieces of me, dusted off what is great, cleaned up my awesome, polished my poise and hauled off all of what I am not. I so love this life!

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Abraham, Energy, Asking, Receiving and More…

This morning was a well-managed affair of me “caring” for my youngest son and finally learning to not “carry” him. We got to work, I left him with his phone asleep, and got the phone call he was up, hoped that I had a good day, and gone off to school. I was enjoying my bus route as I listened to a rather interesting energy audio… To be then called again almost an hour later with him totally taking responsibility in calling to tell me he had fallen back asleep and was now headed to school. I was so fully aware of how great it felt to have him call, not begging for help, pleading his cause, whining or any other the old stuff. Just a solid, I messed up, I am fixing it, I will talk to you later Mom!

In such an excellent frame of mind, I purchased feed, went home did my chores, and settled into a few games of solitaire as I allowed the morning thoughts to find me. Feeling the changes of the last few weeks popping up in all kind of interesting, wonderful ways, which included a new mental thought “I have a gold mind, I am attractive and I profit from it constantly!”

As I was musing over my newest word choices, I thought of how different my view of the word attractive is now. Since I used to only think of it in the way someone or something looked. I now love it as a mantra because by feeling attractive, I magnetically pull to me things that are attracted to me.

Then thinking how much I would so love to be asked out to eat, surprised by the other’s treat of the meal, and how much I would really like a book from this morning’s speaker. So I looked the book up, checked my balance, was in the process of ordering when I stopped to check with my body instead of my mind. I got this immediate hesitation, darn and I really did want the book. But if I am going to learn to trust me…so I closed the screen and then received an immediate text from my Abe compadre about her having just ordered the book and Kindled it to me, would I like to go to lunch, her birthday treat to me.

I was on fire, lit like Christmas as we agreed on a time. I then went to finish my newest horse idea, which slowly evolved into a licking, chewing, oh my God, it worked out perfectly. He was now responding like I was a competent leader, his drama attempt not moving me in the least, till finally he completely lowered his head and sighed. Pleased with all of this ask and receiving, I quickly came back in, made her the present of my magical meditation of Susie Mantell. Which as it clicked off done, and the tray popped open, she texted she was just up the street.

 I signed it, sealed it, delivered it, and we had the most fun filled horse, energy, Abraham sharing ideas lunch at both of ours favorite Thai restaurant. To finish my day with a simple, quiet, nothing but thoughts and wild flowers to add to the drive, as I reveled in my new growing, glowing understanding of life. Knowing my new book was waiting for me at the house. More stuff to learn, desire, have, desire, cause, desire, enjoy and keep filling in the sections of my life as I continue to create this life I am now learning so well how to flow with!

Knee Jerk Reaction…

Waking up several times in the night caused my actual wake up time to feel a tad groggy… but okay since I knew 0nce my route was over, the critters were fed and tended to I could grab a quick nap. So with those thoughts in place, I went, I drove, I came home, I fed, tended and cozied up on the couch with my favorite meditation tape. To zonk out in just moments, to be jostled, startled, and literally jerked awake by this sudden aching, swelleing, I need you to notice this now! This loud, painful feeling coming from my right knee.

I woke up, fully aware and puzzled by this chain of events. I had thought I had handled this, yet I could feel there was something deeper I was missing that evidently needed my full attention “right now”. I sat up, talked to my leg, while pulling up my favorite two sources for body information and feelings from Louise L. Hay and Karol K. Truman. Which between the two sources the information that stood out as important to me were the three words, compassion, understanding, and forgiveness.   I thought about it, still feeling tired, asked my body what I needed to know and to show me how to deal with this. Put back on the cd and a heating pad, just about to doze off when my friend called to see if I needed anything. So we talked, went through the present information, what is going on, what mentally am I thinking about. To have the fact that my birthday is nearing, my family has been distant, and the rest just came pouring out. As she allowed me full reign of emotions, guiding me to stay focused, reminding me where they are at and what they are doing is none of my business. My business is to unlock the doors, view the evidence, take full responsibility that yes all of this happened, that by following the time line, it is a family habit that evidently dates way back. And for me to come to the awareness of it, forgive them and myself, having the courage to love myself and them anyway. I will not only heal myself, I will be changing the energy for my entire family by letting it all go now that I am aware of where it was all coming from.

She added “Because things always work out for you!” I felt this huge release, a sense of comfort and peace enfold me. When it suddenly dawned on me as I shared with her, that my three male horses mirror exactly the three males in my life. With this new knowledge we said our goodbyes and I went to work with or ride each of them. Causing the most wonderful shifts in my mental perception of both the horses and the way I have been handling and viewing these individuals.   The first older horse(20), set in his way about most things, a pure drama king when he does not get his way, I laughingly applauded his performance, not buying into any of it, as I assertively asked, stood my ground, and got exactly the perfect steps, respect and agility as a team, sigh. Then horse number two(12), such a perfectionist, holding his breath, sucking his teeth and then spitting when I assertively and patiently waited till I got the feel and response necessary from a now fully engaged, breathing horse. He flawlessly becomes the amazing athlete I knew was there, but had been so afraid to push and lose his trust. To then tackle the little guy(10), quick to look away, quick to tense up, even faster to guess what I want and jump into the next moment. I softened my touch, I barely moved the halter rope…allowing him to breathe, then find me. We danced in the most magical, breathe and soften steps as he found the changes in me, suddenly becoming loose of the years of fears from someone else. Actually looking to me for guidance!

Grinning like the cat who ate the canary. I now know the energy from each of these horses has being shown to me at the exact age in these males life when they decided this is how life is, this is the safest way to survive and be. I finished feeling honored, completely changed and amazed at how quickly and thoroughly I got my answers, when I got out of my own way as what to expect! The swelling is about gone, my views of life are wonderfully changed, my amazement with the process… Totally Appreciative! Things always do work out for me!

The Long Road Back…

Been absentee from my writing, even part of my riding, do to my natural born curiosity about what else is out there. Sometimes I am drawn to investigate something because it resonates with me in some form or fashion. As of the last few years I have let the reflections of the Universe guide me.

If I go to buy something and it is not there, my card won’t work, the page on the computer does not open, or send… should anything go astray I personally feel that is the Universes way of assisting me in waiting or making another choice. Which when I listen or notice this guidance all kinds of possibilities I never even considered show up to amaze and tantalize me.

 Then I have days like when my five year old student taught me how I was missing the flowers, because I was still talking about the points she needed to remember from the lesson we just had completed. She told me “the flowers are pretty and right here Miss Cat…the remembering is when I get done unsaddling and have the horse put up.”  I grinned, agreed and picked the red Paint Brush flower she directed me toward as part of her “knowing” she had learned something new and was remembering each previous lesson without prompting.

I had been listening to a new audio from a speaker who I so resonated with the first time I heard her. To then be surprised with an email from a friend with more of these audio’s included for Passover. Half way into the next one, I clicked on the offer for more of this fascinating material, a really great package well within my means. Though there was just a glimmer of hesitation, followed with the thought “the Universe will either allow it or not”. Ordered, clicked send and it went right through.

The very next morning I woke up with my right knee so swollen, like when I had hurt it 6 or 7 years ago, hmmm. Did my lessons, but aware of no acknowledgement from the place I ordered from. Which when I queried them, they offered to speed it up by me repaying with a credit card. But I declined, figuring the Universe would work all of this out, which it did finally 6 days later when my bank released the funds to PayPal, and I received my additional audios which were to be played one a week for 12 weeks.

 I downloaded them all, thought I set the first one up to just play through while I slept. Discovering the next morning, the computer was just finishing playing number 8 and I woke up with a raging head cold. The more I listened, and tried to understand, feeling all of this confusion from listening, which was “supposed” to happen as the audios did their thing. Doubly so, as a friend who was listening to the same stuff, was having the exact same sinus cold symptoms and irritation over what we were listening to. Each of us, basically soothing the other over and through the rough spots of ingesting this sounds so similar but in a weirdly uncomfortable way.

All brought to a head with another 5 year old student yesterday, who explained to me about owies and if it hurts to not keep doing it, “that’s just silly or pretty dumb!” I suddenly remembered an Abraham tape about Powerful Statements. “There is no gain in pain” when something doesn’t feel right to hear them in the back of my head saying “Do something else, do anything else, till the vibration shifts. Let the curse lift!” And suddenly I knew what to do, I congratulated myself on recognizing that my body knows better than anyone else what it is I need or don’t need. I have the power to listen to me, do what feels good. Spend money if I need to to find out the stove is hot when it is on. And mostly trust that God is guiding me to what feels good, because he loves me, and made me perfectly in his image of me. With this wonderful body to feel for direction and answers, amazingly coinciding with no cold this morning, gone without taking any more drugs. Swelling almost completely gone, horses all rode, another fantastic 5 year old with parents capturing her entire lesson for show and tell. With me actually easily and effortlessly getting back to writing my truths, my perceptions, my struggles, my realizations, as I realize I know the answers, as I get out from under this funny perception of who I am, by what others have suggested I should be, a habit I am slowly coming to terms with.

I’ve Come To Far, I Now Know To Much…

As long as I have all of this stuff of and for others that I have to take care of, fix and focus on, my ego holds me here “till I make it’all better” So I can be a good little girl, mommy, friend, student, etc., etc., etc. Instead of just moving forward toward what I want confident that the Universe has my back and has given me the perfect guide… me , my body, my feelings, my cells (myself)!

We are all waiting for a solid feeling of connection to come out of the ethers to guide us. It actually being so simple as being inside of us all this time. It’s almost enough to drive one nuts! It’s so easy… always has been. But we have been taught to look outside of ourselves, look to others, listen to those who know better, they have been here longer, played the game, know the rules…

That’s why beginner’s luck is pooh pooh’d, when there is really no luck involved, just inner guidance, inner knowing, connectedness to our source. Instincts, gut feelings, God gave us the perfect tool to feel what is right for us. We just have had it pretty well trained out of us. Layers and layers of who we should be, how we should act, what we should do… all by someone else’s perspective about us.

They don’t sleep in the same way I do, dream the same dreams, have the same taste, shoe size, hair color, feet or hands. God made me special to his standards to live and experience life as his mini me… I am so learning who I am, as I have now almost made touch down with my very core.

Great visual today, my dogs are shedding. They are hairy, one in white, one in black. I have been brushing them daily, I have made a dent. But unless I shave them, the old winter coat of hair only comes out when it is time. I have learned to find the feeling of being in time with the Universe. If I plant a seed in the ground and keep digging it up, it will not grow nearly as well as if I keep watering, weeding, feritilizing, and sensing what it might need next. I love how far I have come, how much I have learned to let go of, especially in the last few days of giving up judging anything. Life is a dance, and I am going to figure out how to be a terrific partner!

Power of Judgment Versus the Feel of Awareness

I wrote, I took a nap, I let the present slip away, deep down under my favorite fuzzy cream colored blanket. In a house with the thermostat put all the way down to 68 degree’s the perfect temperature for me to let go, get away, lost in the dialogue of the meditation currently playing on my computer. To be, what felt like, abruptly awakened by the alarm, to just lay there and feel all of me coming back to my reality of here and now.

I took note of my body, which was profusely thanking me for listening, laying down, letting go and allowing it to rejuvenate from all the pressure I have been putting on myself over what will he think, how will he act, and do I really need to concern myself with that. Feeling no resistance to the last thought, I got up, shut off the alarm, then the meditation, to follow the feel to check my email.

Amazed that in the short hour of my nap, Margarita has already posted an awesome reply to my blog, which as I read I feel new insights coming to the forefront of my cells. I have this intuition nudging me to look closer, see what it is I have been so reactive to. Ever curious I follow the nudge to open the home page of my computer, to be drawn to the post about bad prom pictures. So I open it, scan through the pics others have shared of a mark in time, of a moment that is locked in the freeze frame to be shared, mocked, hid away, or whatever one decides is best for any memory. Curiously at the end of the series I then stumble upon another set of pics about kids’ first Santa pictures, interestingly it is of the worst first for many to the magic of Christmas to come.

Spying the time I head out to the critters, to groom my dog, and each horse in turn. Feeling years of self-recrimination coming up from all kinds of old memories, my mind awake and aware of the many jumbled thoughts, slowly making a trail of understanding out of my morning and my past. I feel for answers that resonate with my body of the words judgment, right, wrong, good, bad, yes, no, love and hate. Fascinated as stories begin to show themselves of me as the EMT specialist of many years ago, this person I am now understanding and appreciating, who accomplished and endured all of that to make it to now.

 The day at an arena where twice, with two totally different owners, horses, and ages, with the exact same type bit, within a few hours of each other. A rider would come in to run barrels at full speed; the bit would break in two, sending the terrified horse and rider at full uncontrollable speed, lapping the arena. With so many standing aghast, just watching, screaming, and waiting for something worse to happen. To find me, instinctive, reactive, totally aware, over the fence, confronting the runaways head on, to get first the little girl and her horse stopped, then about three hours later the young woman and her horse stopped. Both highly appreciative, glad to be safe, back on the ground, with their family and friends just as grateful.

It’s the other memory that is freeze framed, the one of judgment…”what were you thinking, you could have been killed, are you crazy, where was your head at”. Right now my mind stops, my whole body suddenly breaks into huge applause. I didn’t judge, try to figure it out, I trusted I knew, like only when we are fully tuned into who we are. That I was doing what I was put here and capable to do! I was being one hundred percent me. Fully connected to source, confidently trusted my instincts to do what needed to be done.   All of my instincts are still intact, just slowly digging them out from under the layers of judgment from caring about what other people think. I know when something feels right or wrong for me, I can feel it in my body, my gut, some part of me that aches when I do not listen to the first subtle hint of discomfort. Several times in the last few days I have amazed myself when I started to do something, felt my knee start to ache, thought where I was headed and why, usually for someone else. Changed my mind, listened to what I needed for me and poof, the pain is gone. No aspirin, to tapping, no medicine at all. Just simple acknowledgement of my body’s guidance in doing what is right for me. I so love each and every cell of my being. I believe I will back my awareness one hundred percent!

Just Say No…

Driving back from the meeting with DI, trying once again to wrestle where I am at to a place of understanding, I suddenly, clearly, in front of my face saw the sign that is all over all of the schools and most of the shirts people wear. “Just Say No” followed by whatever the issue is that another is trying to change or resolve in some form or fashion. Suddenly transformed to the Universe, quite obviously trying to get my attention for me to say “NO” to anything and everything that causes me to feel just the slightest off kilter, out of whack or different than what I was intending.

I mulled this over while I drove, thinking about the last few days of immersion into the now changed from backward, to stationary, and slowly revolving forward motion of the planet Mars. Aware of a huge shift internally that I have just allowed to be here as I cleaned up, cleared out, and differentiated between where I was at, what I did want, where I thought I was headed and the why of all of this.

Rewarded with total praise and appreciation from my three clients of the weekend, starting with my Saturday evening trainer in training as she rode in the strong wind, slowly feeling for each movement of her mount. I astride the short bodied Appy who had never rode in company before since most of my training is done here alone. I assisting her by showing her my body movements for her to mirror or find those for her that would cause the horse to stop, bend, flex or move in the desired direction with just her seat bones or the movement of the correct muscle.

All of this brought to an abrupt change in dialogue when her horse became to uncomfortably close for the App. I had to explain to her what I was doing while I was helping him to be okay with another horse with a rider on it, which people assume just because you are on a horse’s back that you can do anything with them. Many not being aware of all the steps that can be involved so a horse has a good start, much less horses like him whose trust has been violated. Each step has to be re-learned, taught, and evolved till it becomes okay with the horse.

 Much like the other two clients both whom I was at their places, showing them how to make the most of their situations of getting the horse to do what was being asked or needed in ways that all were comfortable and on the same page with successful progress in a new direction. Pleased I can do this so easily for others on the ground or in a saddle to explain and get the desired results. Yet still on this tight rope with my own life, all over this uncomfortable place of the word no. So quietly I have waited. I say it, mean it, and still feel challenged, pushed, cornered, watching, learning, looking for direction.   A new dialogue with my body, compliments of Jennifer Hough’s audios: “Breathe, look at the symptom, “Hey do you have something that my mind needs to know about this symptom”…yes or no…(feel the first answer)……. “Thank you body for taking care of it, I now step out of your way and I ask for an expanded capacity to receive what I need for this to be transmuted.” Plus a change in my life long prayer “I know I am Divinely Guided, I know I will always take the right turn in the road, I know God is making a way as I ask for the way, as I allow my Cells to guide me that way now! Tapping the entire time I do either or both.

 To be guided by having boot camp call me in, over his sleeping at school yesterday, the same day I discovered he had taken and used my Ipod all night. It was interesting to just be an observer as he tried to use that he had “blacked out” until the Ipod was brought into view, and he began back pedaling on his story. Weird to just sit there, not feeling right or wrong, just aware, it’s all out on the table, there is no covering it up or going back. It is just what it is. And the signs about “just saying no” had been there all along… That’s okay, it’s all good, it will all work out. I am getting my life back one consistent step at a time!

Amazing Finish To My Friday the 13th

I left here to do my evening route, still with an air of uncertainty, but the deed was done and I have to trust me. I am all I have! So I left here thinking of the audio’s I had pre-programmed in my phone for my route as I grabbed some popcorn, my full of ice and decaffeinated soda headed to do some serious interacting with my mindset.

Clocked in, started my bus when the impulses to stop cash in my two dollar win ticket from this morning for another, caused me to pull into the next convenience store and do just that. To be pleasantly rewarded with a quick twenty, to lighten my intensity level as I settled in to feel the offerings of thoughts now coming over my phone. All of the suggestions just reinforced my following my instincts and body feelings most of the day that were allowing me to become more in tuned with all of me. Orchestrating my simple, pleasant afternoon route, punctuated by the beauty of all of the spring flowers now brightly hued in yellow and oranges.

 Once finished and clocked out, I quickly picked up supper’s offerings, conscious of the uneasiness still lingering in my gut, knowing I was headed to pick up a son who learned from someone else, that his behavior was out in the open.   Waiting outside the facilities, till I was requested to talk to his DI, whom informed me of his personal respect for single mom’s like his mother had been, and reiterating my son’s expected behavioral changes. Which were answered with a “Sir, Yes, Sir”, that lasted till the end of the road, before all of the why’s came pouring out. Till I felt this amazing, assertive strength, reinforce out loud that life would now be different, the playing field had changed, and he would now figure things out, without my constant reminders or input.

 Then the urge to get my fuel closer to home, instead of the long line at the gas war haven, netted me another scratch ticket worth seven more dollars. Noting the ease of my body from several knots, aches and pains I knew I had let something really big go. I decided to celebrate and purchased the Wide Awakening Program as an early, deserved present to me when minutes after getting home I received a call for a new client for lessons for her five year old daughter… Seems I am connecting to me, more and more, better and better… Things really do always work out for me!


What a word to hear, much less understand and take in. Though it is funny how it sort of mirrors the energy of the last three days of a funky, strange, swirling, sticky maze I find myself wandering through, just minutes away from the exit. To find myself firmly tangled in this stubborn, persistantly, spreading weed which keeps reappearing after I hack off the top, not getting the root out.

 I came in to write after the visit with my youngest son’s PO counselor, feeling like I have been some sort of traitor to my family. Because I spoke the truth of the moment, of this morning, of yesterday, last week, last month, all these many minutes, hours, days and years of a lifetime of turning the other cheek, “What happens at home, stays at home!”

I walked into an appointment, really not caring about my son nearly as much as caring about me. Just wanting relief, being free of the responsibility of others problems, situations, and fires they keep setting as they expect and use to know I would cover for them or bail them out. Not today, not anymore, I so desire this freedom that is just inches away from me. I feel the keys are in my hand, one door today which I fully opened, examined, and displayed just like it is. No judgment, no right or wrong, just it is what it is.   Expecting “eternal damnation” (of all things) from opening my mouth, saying what I felt, understood, and knew. To be amazed by being offered understanding, listening, being heard and then offered help. No judgment, just acceptance, awareness of what was going on or happening from a much broader perspective than the limited view from my central location(the eye of the storm) in the midst of all of this stuck energy. To be then offered a description I could not see, realize or understand from my vantage point of single mom, EMT, boss, driver, etc. As he took down notes, timelines, situations, the details of the last several years, explaining how my son is stuck in a form of depression, not knowing how to process the life he has experienced from his dad’s abrupt disappearance.

I left the talk feeling guilty, a fink, lost in my ramblings here, until my best friend called, we talked through it, compared the feelings, situations, inputs, expectations and backgrounds of the few still firmly rooted problems, now being examined in a different light of new direction. Feeling like I have come out of the closet… to be joined by those who also may have been feeling misplaced, odd, not fitting in, yet deeply knowing there is a huge part of us that is so deserving of all of God’s love. Who created us in his image of purity, perfection, and grace, that we are slowly uncovering past the truths of others opinions, ideas and beliefs. To find we fully deserve all the love we are opening up to receive because we are truly wonderful and important…just like we are!

Life As I “Now” Know It


All this thinking, listening being aware of my thoughts as I ingest the new information from my latest audio playbacks from‘s representation of the various speakers from the start of this year. This meant this morning I was once again absorbing more from Ms Hough to find myself at the end of my morning route, extremely tired and in need of a short nap that I allowed myself, the minute I finished all the animal chores.

To wake up from the coolest of dreams of a football team scrimmage where as soon as the players on either side completed all the drills, be they offense or defense. They then each in turn, played all the drills for their opposing player to allow them to understand both sides of the play. Allowing me the deeper insight into not judging a situation as right or wrong, just allow the information I need to show itself and guide me to the answer I am seeking.

 This then played out in my life when I went back outside to ride. Spying my son’s dog still determinedly digging more holes in the same place for more gophers like he killed 3 or 4 weeks back. So perfectly mirrored the holes my son was digging to make a fort in the ground. Aware of my initial thought of digging to deep, going nowhere fast. To then head out to the pasture to remove several of the weeds that have gotten to huge to mow. My intention to cut them down was paused in the feeling to take the pick with me. To be rewarded with the ease of “digging” out what had appeared to be several plants in a clump, which was just one humungous weed with an extremely large base and a very deep root, that with several expertly swings of the pick dug out and uprooted the whole plant.

My mind quickly grasped the concept of me “judging” how hard the whole process might be by my view from the distance. Versus the instinct to take the pick with the clippers, changing tactics when I got close enough to actually view, then decide the simplest method. To have my mind remind me of how frustrated I have been at getting my youngest to clean his room, and yet go nowhere near the expression used by my parents to get me to do things “Because I said so!” Realizing this was a deep rooted idea, which I now recognized, viewed differently because I have learned to understand why, is so much easier than just because another wants. I realized I could accomplish more if I chose to explain “Spending more money for things not taken care of, is of no interest to me. So till I see results for my money, I choose how, when and why I will open my pocket book!”

 This peace settled all through me. I knew I had uprooted not only the weed, but an old issue I now viewed differently. To have the rest of my day turn into a magical journey… Back to the drive my evening route, they informed me the heavy rattling, and shaking that has been a constant annoyance. Was because not only had the weight come off of the tires, but one of the tires was severely out of round. I had the most perfect smooth ride in over a year. My son came home, after hearing my assertive idea, all chores done my way, done immediately, and the rooms (more than one) are clean. And my tiredness, I forgot I completely gave up caffeine this last weekend, cold turkey.

 Wow, just be in the moment, take out the judgment, allow for all things to be the Universe conversing with me. Pay attention if how I am feeling is positive or negative. Remind myself to take things one step at a time, ease into change, pay attention, breathe in between thoughts, love, listen, and trust my instincts. It’s all good!Image

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