Finally Dreaming, Again, Wow

There is wonderful side effect from all of this working playing, learning about myself. I love all of the benefits that are starting to show up in so very many wonderful and fun ways. The first is this being to catch what words are coming out either in writing or talking, many times changing them as they are starting to be uttered or typed. As I have learned how to turn my IPhone into my magic helper ever since I discovered the note ap on it. Which allows me to make quick notations of thoughts for writing, for shopping, and to myself when I catch an old expression which I have probably said or used consistently without any awareness, till the moment I actually hear what belief I have so bought into as to be constantly reiterating it out loud.

Allowing myself the ability to hear it, find the past situation that might have created it, find the gift in it, then change it to something different, and let it go. Sometimes with EFT, a lot of times just by checking with myself if that is really true for me anymore, and if I want to continue down that path. A whole lot of stuff has shifted in the last few weeks, as I delved into all of the Freebie tapping’s sent out by Margaret M. Lynch, fascinated by how much hearing something I have done, know about, and understand, presented in a different fashion with such profound results, the differences I have noticed in everything I do.

Now the conversations with my youngest are no longer contest of who’s right or wrong. I have found this new voice that clearly states from a position of assertion what it is I am asking for, what it is I expect, and how all of this can benefit both of us. Monday’s discussion over his getting to visit a friend, if he cleaned the living room, which I walked in to watch, highly amused as he attempted to do the quick and stuff, till he caught me watching and adding things to the list. About the third try, he suddenly seem to realize the list was getting longer because of his antics, once he quit the theatrics and just did the required task, the list shrunk, four rooms got cleaned instead of one. We were laughing, enjoying ourselves, actually teasing back and forth, plus accomplishing keeping it all clean four days later. Suddenly discovering there is a way to play, pick, tease and banter that gets things done, saves time and seems to last longer with a lightness in being a team effort.

The lessons with my students are improving, as I find even simpler ways to show and explain how and why we are asking the horse to be with us. To hold its head curved if we are riding in a circle, and straight if one is going forward. Which even as I type this I am fascinated how totally simple this may sound to a non-rider, as common sense should dictate curve for a circle. Yet most riders, assume because they and the horse are in a circular enclosure that the horse will just follow the walls of the pen, and I then teach them about the connections by using dancing with a partner as an example. Finding the rhythm, timing, and flow of moving together as one team, to be able to find and feel the horse’s feet mimicking your own, the curve of their spine, their hips matching your hips, their shoulders imitating your own. The entire sensation of moving as a well-oiled component in synchronicity with your animal partner, my lesson from this morning totally enjoying her new found connection with the little mare, as she would lift her shoulder, raise her hip, engage her pelvic to bring the horse’s hip under her, matching great big steps. Take a breath, and then little bitty baby steps, completely relax, stop moving and find the horse perfectly in time with her actions and thoughts. Thanking me at the end for allowing her to find the feel of comfort, confidence and ease of moving with an animal she has been waiting to learn how to ride, so she can have one of her own and now accomplishing this desire at 50.

Savoring the feeling of success after this morning’s lessons, horses rode, and turned out with the heat lower at 99. I stopped for a quick lunch of watermelon and cereal, to then settle in for a short nap that took me to wondrous places in dreams that I have not had or at least not remembered in a very long time. My memories of the meditation brought about by the latest tapping sessions, just seemed to spread out before me. I found myself driving on a caliche road that turned off to the left after passing through the front gates, to a small nestled cabin, with a car port, horse pens and a small barn that was situated off to the side on the large property from the original owners for their foreman. It was my new place of residence, after the initial situation of traveling back and forth between the two places to train, coach, teach my clients and his daughters while he was working down near my old place. Which became less probable with the school year beginning and his next few jobs would have him in various parts of the state. The girls wishing to continue in school in the area of his home ranch, which had all the facilities I have desired, to now be at my disposal as their personal trainer and being allowed to continue with a few outside horses…

I woke up with a start! Wow, it was all so vivid, so real. I have not enjoyed a nap, an adventure, a more powerful provoking dream. A place for my imagination to flow so immensely and all of it so adding to the original memory, with interesting twists, tweaks, and turns that allowed me to revel in these enormous, wonderful, and intriguing possibilities. And to think, sometimes I would get so dog determined to have to have specific criteria, when the last thing I remember reading was to just get general, have an idea and let the Universe fill in the “How’s”. I think I will go watch a chick flick, something fun, enticing, and wickedly inviting. Maybe tap one more time on the few oddities that popped up when I first attempted to write about this, and then the movie. Yep, seems like a plan!


About irfriske

Trainer, coach, teacher, parent, writer, exploring and sharing the connection through observation of what the Universe reflects back to us in our continuing education in living, loving, and enjoying life in interacting with horses, people, and animals.

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