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Carburetors, Consciousness, Choices, Creativity

So many things to consider in getting from point A to point B. Especially in this last week or so, of the many events and happenings that make up the minutes in a day. A lot of which I am now becoming aware of that I create deliberately or by default in the choices that I make by the intentions that I set forth in my observations of a problem or situation as possible or impossible. Perfectly displayed by my mowing of the grass a few weeks back, as I was just so enjoying the ability to go from the helter skelter look that accompanies a torrent of nitrogen infused rainfall. (Lightning storms = nitrogen rain) Causing weeds, grass, flowers, and everything that grows to sprout in wonderful disarray of abundant greenery that I personally love to see clipped and manicured.

As I got up really close to the wire strand fencing, in my desire to minimize my weed eating, a strand of wire slipped into the space where the throttle adjustment thing is, suddenly causing my machine to sputter, cough, hack and run in an extremely rough fashion. My first thought was “I’m not a mechanic”, how can I get this repaired without having to haul it back to the lawnmower guy, who does not like to service the brand I purchased. Annoyed with myself for fouling up my machine and stopping my intention for a trimmed driveway, I drug the machine back to the barn as I began to get this figured out. Aware I have a son with tremendous mechanical aptitude, whose busy, it would be inconvenient, and … I know some men who have these same qualities, same situations, same…

So I thought how it would feel once I got the machine fixed, the grass cut, and the front looking neat and inviting. About then the phone rang, my friend up in Washington was checking in on our once a week visits, as we tell our stories, the things we were pondering, then possibilities and solutions began to emerge and be exchanged. He gave me several ways to look at the mower, to go the store where it was purchased, take pictures of the space in question, and then compare the two to see what had been pulled out of whack. I then went on line to view several self-help videos over what a carburetor was all about, “knowing I could figure this all out”.

Several hours later of pondering, observing, and feeling my way through all of the data, with the full intention of doing this by myself, for me. I found the bent line, the clip that had been moved from the front of the choke to behind it, with a piece of wire, lots of patience, and a tiny lift with a set of very long nosed pliers. I received the pleasure of my mower back up to full, normal, running capacity. My grass once again being mowed and trimmed to the pleasant, organized operation I like people to see when they are passing by or pulling in.

Pleased with myself for my ability to maintain my focus on the final picture I expected. Allowing the Universe to help me put the pieces together by not messing with how I would get it done, just what I desired for final results. Then using all of that scenario my entire week in seeing my pens full, my clients enjoying themselves, readily paying and wanting more of my time. Visualizing much laughter, money, time and effort all being simple and enjoyable with answers easily presenting themselves.

Especially so in the situation with the newly gelded horse, whose owner has decided financially to back my sessions with his horse’s movement recovery from way too long hooves, of twice daily to once a day. I know he is doing the best that he can, so the Universe has come to his assistance in providing me with a new young filly to train two pens over. That he now paces up and down in his pen (since it takes at least 45 days for the testosterone level to change) talking to her, telling her how wonderful he is, she is….blah, blah, blah. Yet marvelously causing him to self-exercise in his attempt to get her attention. When before her arrival he was just standing there being all ouchy, miserable, and almost impossible to motivate. Now finding a much needed reason to move in his pen and when he comes out, as he talks to her constantly…though a little less every day. His legs showing the continued improvement, as the swelling and tenderness are becoming less and less apparent as his body begins to recuperate from the few years of neglect.

All of these choices are always ours. Can we or can’t we? Our intent so connected to our beliefs. The no’s stop us, the possibilities draw us forward. Looking for a solution is life giving, staring at the problem stops us in our tracks. Bad mouthing, cussing, screaming, crying or kicking ourselves when we are down, seems like we are doing something because we are venting, we are allowing it out. Just noticing how long we stay at the unhappy feeling side of the problem, before venturing out to find a few solutions. What choice do I make, for I always get to choose. I get to decide if I continue to dig through all of the trash of yesterday or the treasures. I love the things that feel good, I know those are the feelings to treasure, to find more of, and to believe “I can figure this out, I usually do, and I can share it with others!” One simple day, hour, minute, or moment at a time!

Drama, Dilemma, Dreams, Desires, Doing It

Rather a long week with little or no writing desires to help with the confusion that seemed to come and go in much of this latest spell of sorting through the jumble of thoughts found firmly lodged under my furrowed brow as I attempted to unwind from the odd ledge I found myself perched upon. Looking deftly all around for a hint or sign of how I got off of my path…again. Not far off, just enough for me to look up, look around, and feel for what was actually going on. Knowing I was searching for clues into this puzzle I found I had walked myself into, fully awake and aware, or at least it seemed so at the time.

Stopped and shook myself off late Wednesday night when my newest client, in an attempt to prove his sincerity showed up at 11 pm to pay me in cash and set the record straight of his intentions to honor the contract he had signed. He left, I disappeared back deep into my blankets and pillows to continue my interrupted dreams and wondrous sleep, to awaken the next morning with at least one end of a strand of habit, fully revealed and held firmly in my grasp.

Knowing the feeling of what it was I was looking for, allowed me to breathe. To stop and think, to feel each little previous step, to incrementally piece by piece, play back conversations, feelings, reactions and my awareness to the bait of habit I had/was so easily still succumbing to. I thought of how well the newly gelded, awkwardly moving (now that the overgrown hooves of years of neglect had been trimmed) 8 year old Appaloosa was having in readjusting to this new, changing, and totally different care than he had previously received. As his demeanor of distrust, aloofness, and pain, was being replaced by nickering when the feed and hay came, moving carefully and trying to attempt the slowly increasing times during each session as the rebuilding of his muscles, fetlocks, and hooves began the road back to recovery.

The first few minutes of each session seems to draw from me so much strength of certainty that this is all part of the process. Especially to be rewarded as he limbers up and starts to soften, stretch and at times move quicker of his own violation as he feels the increase of ease of mobility. His deep sighs when we’re through, after his stubbornness of not wanting to begin each session. Teaching me that patience with myself in making any decisions is still movement forward. For much like when I am helping him by paying close attention to his body’s response, I can tell when, how much, or what is the right way to proceed next.

So I began to match my untangling of the current puzzle to how much progress “Lil Brother” was making in each session. Fascinated as I took the pressure off of myself, only dug or looked if it was easy, enjoyable, and made sense. Any confusion, pain, or frustration, meant stop, wait, and allow the answer to show itself. Enjoying the relief I found in certainty, clarity, and plain dogged determination that not only would I figure this out, but decided that the solution meant more to me than this temporary week of pause, what now, go within, and much more like hibernation or a cocoon of transformation.

Finding myself this evening with all of the threads of a series of tangles, firmly grasped, sorted, unwound, and re-weaved into the perfect place of understanding and triumph. I have been succumbing to the storyline: “Oh my God”, “the sky is falling”, “look the boogey man”, “eating watermelon seeds will make them sprout out your ears” … The long litany of tales that though they grab my attention, turn my head, cause my “Rescue ranger itis” to rev up full speed ahead. 

I cannot fish enough to feed everyone who comes to my place for one meal much less their entire life. I do more when I teach them how to fish for themselves, anywhere, any time. I need to slow down, really feel as I listen to the stories presented to me in each moment. Decide what feels good, real, comfortable and easy for me. Know that I honor another more, when I see them as capable, talented, and intelligent enough to help them find their ability within themselves to be the wonderful aspiring creative being in love with all of themselves. Help another to see themselves as capable of putting their best foot forward.

I have discovered in allowing myself to be drawn into the dramas, stories of hopeless plight, stuckedness  and woe is me. I become stuck with another in the problem. Whereas if I see them as capable, aware, and magnificent creators, I help them to find their own solutions, teach them to fish, feed themselves, hopefully inspire them to teach others. I love understanding, sharing, coaching, teaching, and being my best self!

Coaching Results Just Keeps Getting Better…

I finished posting my writing last night, just sitting here thinking. Late for me when I glanced at the clock showing 10:35 pm, way past the time of night that I pick up or acknowledge the phone’s relevance in contrast to my love of a good night’s sleep. Just this sense of importance had me reach for the phone and answer it. To find one of my long time client’s, jumping for joy, her husband excitedly interjecting in the background, as she began thanking me for all of my guidance, support, coaching and direction with her Stallion I had started under saddle two years ago. When I was so impressed with his natural ability, at a walk, to slide his hind feet up under himself, I suggested with his looks, ability, and demeanor he needed to be elsewhere.

I had met these two more than three years ago when an article in the local paper featured me, my work with horses, health and EFT. She had been severely injured and lost her nerve to ride in working with the young horses from the Appaloosa herd her and her husband raise. I had helped her work through this in a series of lessons, which led to my re-starting and starting almost all of their herd in the last few years. Toby, their two year old foundation bred Appaloosa stallion, who is gorgeous, was a total uncontrollable brat, in need of a job. When he was finally old enough, and they were comfortable with my abilities, he came to my place for me to assess what to do with him. I discovered his natural tendency to slide, really get up under himself. I knew of several reining trainers in the area, also aware of the prejudice against Appaloosa’s, so I promised them I would call around and get them set up in the right direction.

Called Todd Martin, having had several conversations with him in the past over what he looks for in a prospect, just not sure if he was App friendly. When I told him what I had found, he was interested, so I hooked them all up. My client has allowed the Martin’s to bring this horse along slowly, only showing him a three or four times placing or winning each time to accumulate in winning 65th National Appaloosa Horse Show Hackamore/Snaffle Bit Reining class by six and a half points over the second place horse last night in Oklahoma.

They were so jazzed, seems the trainer and the rider have never won a national before. They had several people come up and offer to buy Toby (VKS THUNDER MOON) for so much more than they ever thought they would turn down. She told me it is the first time a foundation bred horse has won this event, and they all owe it to me, for being so honest, so helpful, so sure this is what they needed to do and where they needed to take him. Better still, she told me of all of her visualizing, what shirt her husband would look good in to show off the blue ribbon, where to hang it, and where she would put the trophy. How she has been telling everyone about me and the work I do. I so love my life, what I do, my ability to trust myself and open my mouth to help those I meet to learn how to fish for themselves, by believing in their dreams and their ability to have them come true!

Turning The Corner…

Been an interesting week of exploring the possibilities that are now being offered out on the table, the variety is small, simple choices. It is in the sampling that life has become an intriguing game of what’s next. Gauntlets have been thrown out before me, stimulating, challenging, daring and at times befuddling me into action, especially in the changing of the clientele now flowing in and out of my life. With my longest student (a female) now being transferred hundreds of miles away, in return the Universe has opted to fill this vacancy with a man of interest.

Age, check. Height (at first glance) check. Horse knowledge spoken of, check. Actually seen, check. Able to honor a conversation, hmmm. Stop, watch, listen, awareness has this feel of believing with my eyes, yet my body does not honor the view. So I wait, watch, am asked to fulfill a few basic needs. And my hackles rise. I can sense myself questioning me. I feel this uneasiness, of a search for safe ground. Yet have the sensation of chasing my tail. Helped him to find a horse, suddenly a full-fledged worrier presents themselves. I find myself more than just helping a little, then more, then the sensation of wonder woman matches the sweat of super accomplishments. Followed by this angst, which is slowly, squeezing my freedom, my sense of safety, of space, with huge vats of previous mistakes, waving red flags I try to curtail, hold onto and identify.

The challenge of the week is to get his new acquisition loaded, hauled and to the front pen by the weekend. Deciding after the first trip Tuesday, rained out Wednesday and a great lesson Thursday morning, I could go get him loaded…1,2,3. Left the house, pulled up to check out the two available trailers, the more open one sitting backed up to the perfect mound of sand. As I backed the truck up to attach to it, I accomplished the perfect position on the first attempt. Checked the path from pen to trailer, then walked in to his pen, for him to stand while I haltered him, and then sent him first out the gate. To pleasantly surprise myself as he walked right in the trailer with me, to be back home in exactly an hour from start to finish. Called the man, who queried about I was where?

Then all the questions on how was the horse going to be when we went to load him. I told him, slow down, listen to what I had said, the horse had loaded and we, the horse and me were at my place. He was amazed… I was just so sure of me and my abilities once I decided I could and the Universe stepped right up to back me. I was so reveling in my accomplishment, till the man showed up and all of this what he would have done, blah, blah, blah. Listening to him talk, then have him attempt to talk me down on my prices…as a friend. I had sat with this new awareness of yuck, for the last few days, each visit felt like another dig. No offering to pay for my services and then Saturday evening, the lowness, “the what is itis” finally became to much.

He left. I sat and thought, felt, tapped, trying to shake this old, deep, sinking feeling… desiring to just be okay. Till at five AM, I started cleaning, moving, dusting, washing, sweeping, tackling great big huge piles of his stuff, left strewn about as he was emptying the huge horse trailer with living quarters he is refurbishing at my place. I cleaned, then sorted, arranged, repacked, perfectly managed every detail… both in the trailer and in my business mind. Pulled out a receipt, then itemized, day by day, hour by hour, any and all work I had done. Including his signed contract about services rendered beyond what he had signed up for. Sent him his copy, finished feeling assertive, in control, all the poison of not enoughness sweated out.

The phone rang when I stepped out of the shower, clean, clear, in control of my own power. As I listened to the arguments against my actions, easily fielding each pleading, cajoling, whining, frustrated “darling” he could come up with. Till three conversations later, I had two checks and all of my power back. I Can So Do This, I Am Woman Watch Me Roar! I found the place I slipped, backed up to it. Looked it over, allowed a new better answer to reveal itself, and presto I own my life, I am worthy, I do not give my business away. I make the big bucks cause I am awesome, capable, talented and I know it is okay and to my benefit to say “No”, put my foot down and honor my worth. There are so many fish in the sea.Because things always work out for me!

Letting Go…

Thinking deeply as I find this stirring of memory, this fondness, this feeling of a lifelong acquaintance about to be slowly coming to a close. Finding all these other memories suddenly flooding over and around me as I begin this sorting, healing, ritual that has found me once again, as one more layer comes floating up to view. I feel, unwind, and sort through the clinging grasp of tendrils of emotions I find myself almost overwhelmed in, when I ask a question about over hauling my truck which has been with me for years. 

The answer is just an honest, simple, truth when I present the idea of saving just the engine which has withstood the hundreds of thousands miles,  carrying groups of students and their horses down the road, then back home again. My suggestion to rebuild it, restore it, enable it to carry on. Is met with the mechanic’s knowledge that this year and type of engine Ford no longer manufactures. So maintaining it for parts would always be a specialty item, which I now know in the awareness to let go of it.

Shows the quietly, lingering fear… of allowing something new, something different, something powerful and real. A combination of everything good, awesome, imaginable and dreamed of, out of the hidden places of my mind, stuck behind the huge wall of resistance to truly trust. I might really deserve, have, be, and revel in my dreams. Have the things I have desired since very, very small. Having finally cleared out the tangled webs of confusion, uncertainty, unworthiness, and not enoughness to play out loud, be big, be great, and have it all… and then some. 

Slowly in the writing this tale about the last few days of my uncertainty. I see clearly I have been guided to right now, around the maze of traps I have learned to place in front of me, to stop me from moving and allowing any more forward movement than itty, bitty, tiny, baby steps. Past the tears of fear, imagined loss and pain, to the realization that have poured forth in this my writing to myself, with the listing and changing of a variety of old thought habits, questions, and odd comparisons. I understand what I have been feeling inside, not able to voice, till the words became legible before me. I love my truck. I love all of the steps that have brought me to here. Just much like training wheels on a bicycle I can move forward, balanced, and sure that new is an adventure. It’s okay to let go of the old. I am safe in each and every choice I now make. I have an entire new set of mental tools and abilities to make any and all decisions for myself. Life is Grand!

My lesson Thurs…

My lesson Thursday had progressed so far that she had the fun of imagining the horse she intends to own. The size, the color, the gender, the price range, on and on as I encouraged her to truly allow her imagination to take full reign. To find me Friday morning after the previous evening’s wonderful hard inch of rain, that so covered the ground as to make riding in the round pen having to wait an hour or so for better footing. The ideal time to run to town for feed, the post office, bank and grocery store to get donuts for breakfast. As I was walking in to the last stop, a horse friend stops me to say hello and ask if I have anyone in need of a horse. She begins to describe the exact horse my client had imagined the day before, but she has two of them to choose from.

I laugh; tell her I will make the call to see what I can set up between the two of them. Then get my shopping done, head home, unload, start saddling my first horse, calling my client and by the time I am done riding, have the arrangements for the horses to be viewed and tried. With my friend bringing the horses last night for me to evaluate before this morning’s sessions. Calling me before she leaves to see if I need anything from town. I tease with her about how she can bring me a man, who is tall, horse aware, on my level with how to handle and work with them, available, with all the amenities I keep expecting. She laughs and says she will see what she can do.

She arrives at my house later on with the horses, we them get unloaded, put one in the pen, get the other saddled, and just as I am beginning to work with the mare. Her phone rings, and as she is talking this truck pulls up down the drive. I question her if it is for her, not hearing her ask if it’s for me, both thinking the acknowledged responses meant this approaching man belonged to one of us. He walks up, I not knowing him introduce myself, he begins to explain about a situation he is in where he needs a horse trailer moved immediately, running into sudden truck problems. Spotted her rig hooked up figured we were good ole horse people, plus with my sign, figured we might be able to help.

By the time the evening was over, horses were tried out, the trailer got rescued, and we had met a new friend. Who after she went home, stayed outside talking horses and exchanging pleasantries till 11:30, with plans for me to show him a horse to buy later this evening. Allowing me to go to bed grinning, knowing the Universe had heard my request and in the most unique fashion possible had brought him here accompaning her arrival.

This morning’s test rides made the decision for my student quite easy, as both horses were responsive and allowed her to easily choose the one that best suited her idea of what felt right that she was desiring. The horse we are headed to go check out in a bit for the new guy, owner’s wife showed up this morning to watch me work a horse, after hearing her husband brag about what I do. After watching the lessons, invited me to stop at the house after I show the horse to my newest client, because now she has seen me work horses the way I do. She has one of her own, she would love me to do some tune up work on. My life just keeps unfolding, changing, and becoming more and more of what it is I have been so keenly working on and heading toward. I so love how my life keeps getting better and better!

The Results…


Earlier this week I put out my thoughts for last night’s Fourth of July Firework Festivities  and having unexpected visitors to enjoy the view and share refreshments with, to be so tickled when I had a friend call to bring her two children to watch the view and avoid the crowd. I said yes, of course and chose to bake a cake for the evening. Decided on something chocolate and different by way of browsing on line, to find an interesting recipe for a peanut butter chocolate cake. Which as I was putting it togethe,r felt this dig in my gut that the recipe was missing the use of eggs in the ingredients, feeling it might be in the instructions I read down further and nope still no eggs. Deciding to trust my intuition I added one egg still expecting the cake to come out more like a brownie, for me to be totally pleased with the final results of a pound cake type of deliciousness which as I was pulling it out of the oven. I heard the dogs barking, went out discovering one of my son’s friends and his mom out front with the invite for him to go down to the chaos at the park for the festivities. I countered by asking and pointing out the chairs, the view, the dessert, the ease of departure afterwards to find them readily excepting. With all of us having a wonderful Fourth of awesome fireworks, good conversation, simple cake and milk to end the evening of fun for us all. This so matching my mood for more insight and playing into my attracting what I imagine. To then decide what do I really need to make my place more user friendly? Aware of the fact the gate is closed if there are no clients here, whenever the animals (dogs or horses) are turned loose in the front. I began imagining a sign to designate appropriate protocol. The size to be easily seen from the main road, the place on the gate, and the smaller print when one drives up close with directions. My choice of material in my head were of wood, white with purple fun lettering of the word “Open” and legible smaller print “Gate closed = Animals Loose <– Call or Honk” the arrow pointing to my main sign where the phone number is. I had grabbed a board from the barn with a saw to cut into the necessary size that as I reached down into my craft tub I knocked over the perfect size metal sign my oldest had made me in shop class years ago, with the “I love you mom” still legible on the back. Feeling guided, I quickly designed a template, when I was drawn to look in my jar of pens to spy a small blue cellophane package. Further trusting my instincts, picked it up, turned it around and it was an entirely new set of lettering paint brushes. I white washed my sign to look like wood, let it dry, stenciled, then painted the words and as it was drying, wandered out to the barn for some material for hooks to hang it with. Noticing a big t-post clip, grabbed some nippers, pliers and needle nose to cut, shape and then hang my new completed sign.

Which I so expect to attract a whole lot more of people who will feel free to ask questions, signing up, bringing horses, their kids, their curiosity, their desire to learn and expand their horse understanding and connections. Because I am a truly amazing, fun, knowledgeable, interesting, and inspiring teacher! Life keeps getting better and better as I allow myself to be guided, by trusting this inner awareness I keep expanding my connection with!

Imagined to Manifestations

Started today with a question running through my brain over “What’s What with manifestating all the time” I let it stay with me most of the day, kind of there, right at the tip of my tongue to spew out loud. First just as a thought… then as persistent, nagging, noise like the kind one hears when something overloads the washer and there is this definite out of rhythm sound that you know needs tending to. Yet the only reason I did not give it my full attention is because of the fun, playful, inviting pictures of a story that kept coming together in interesting details, descriptions and words inviting me to sit down and write them out, put them together once things got quiet.

So I fed, ate, lingered through my shower as the two scenario’s kept vying for my full attention. Weighing the pros and cons, the question of confusion or the furry, soft invitation to play, when the alarm went off, causing me to hurry drying off and getting presentable for my lesson. I started the lesson with the decision to maintain the fun flow. With much teasing, showing, allowing, and watching as she proved to herself she was managing these lessons in bigger strides than she was giving herself credit for. Especially so when she asked with confidence several times to change, rearrange, or take off pieces of equipment she was uncomfortable with their feel for her. Doubly pleased when I added several more steps and ideas for her moving with her mount and it only took one or two minutes for her to be comfortable with the each suggestion. Then smiling with then making the perfect connection with the horse, both of us laughing at how easy this really was becoming for her, so much so that she began to describe the color, size and type of horse she was expecting to own in the very near future.

She scheduled her next lesson, gave a treat to the horse and was gleefully, giggling as she headed home to call her husband. I was caught up in remembering my intention at the start in having a fun, confidant student, now so easily occur, even with my niggling thought of this “what’s what”, my searching for the bigger things to occur as easily as I do the small. And it struck me just now “I got so picky when?” So rode the next two horses, to then get the unexpected company of my youngest son’s cronies started cleaning up their mess. Seems while I was riding and he was at school, they had breakfast and the clean house my son and I had been enjoying disintegrated. He walked in from leaving at 6:30 early and could not believe the chaos. But then I had to grin, watching him realize he used to be that way just months ago. It took some managing, breathing, leaving them alone to hash it out. With a slight case of the kicking myself because I had this gut feeling it was a error to allow them over… live and learn.

Then the “what is itis” began to ascend again, so I took a nap, did my last lesson and knew I could shake or solve this. As I walked in, turned on the computer and began searching for some upliftment by reading several blogs when I received the message to go do something different. With my son crashed out, done in by the now gone visitors, I went to check, then clean up the mess. With this notion to check the front bedroom first, to find on the floor behind the bed the iPod I had been searching the whole house for. Which caused me to grin because it solved part of my “What’s What” I went to clean and reorganize the house for my soon to just show up guest in a determined “I Can Do This” frame of mind. Gotthe house back in better order and then finding something I kept imagining and not locating, to give up searching and there it was.

I have been in my own way. I know things are okay, I just got turned around, and I am pretty sure its because I let my head make a few decisions that my heart and gut were not into. I kept beating myself up and it took writing it all out, for me to see all of the things I managed to manifest, especially the answer of letting go of the “hows” by getting out of my own way! Hee, hee I know I am going to remember this one for a while, because I asked and believed so strongly I would figure it out!


The last few days have been a wonder of actualizing situations in my life. Starting with the incredible heat wave that tipped the scales Tuesday at over 110 on the car’s temperature gauge, which caused me to remember the words in several of the books I have been reading and from the speakers on the audio’s I have been listening to, of imagining what one does want, not what is.

So I began imagining the coolness in the morning as one ventures out, the sand tightly packed, dark, moist, with the grass covered in glistening drops. The little heads lifted up, soft, yielding, refreshed from the intoxicating downpour of the night before. The clouds a soft grey, still holding potentially more rainfall, yet now in a contributing continuation of moisture to accentuate the wondrous return of dampness to the much needed plants and soil. Remembering the cool, relishing in the power of simple showers, to then continue with my days in the heat, every once in a while vividly re-picturing visions much like that.

To be granted a full scale reenactment of nature to an almost perfect re-creation of the pictures and feelings that were in my mind played out for the last few mornings. Though it was this morning’s rendering to such complete detail, amount of moisture, all the tiny things I imagined showing wet and wonderful that reminded me of those thoughts of intentions a few days before. Causing me to recollect what other things I have asked for in my imagination, visiting for a short three to five minutes in full detail, the sights, the sounds, the sensations, the feelings that have then come about, so easily and quickly afterward.

I found the remembrance of friend on Saturday, who I had not thought about since she moved last October, after bringing me her horse to get in shape, wondering how she and her horses were doing. To be treated to an email with a photo, asking my opinion about a new horse she was about to acquire. With then several emails back and forth as we caught up with each other’s lives.

Aware of the new horse saddle pad, design, manufacture, fit, and feel that was on sale, which looked interesting, I just so would rather see, try, and feel before I buy. To have one of my current client’s bring in the exact new pad for me to use with his saddle on his horse to make sure it worked for him. This allowed me to accomplish two things, his equipment working and fitting his horse, me being able to check it out for myself, once again within days of having the idea in mind. Pad ordered, shipped and expected to arrive tomorrow.

Thought back to a few weeks ago when a client had asked for a particular color, size, price, and gender of horse, him describing it in much detail. To within 24 hours another client called up to say she was looking to place one of her horses which matched the first one’s wishes in almost every single way. Within in 72 hours the agreement was made and both parties had accomplished ideas they had hoped and seen in their minds.

Leading me to indulge this morning in a little visualization described in writing of my meeting someone to enjoy the fireworks of the fourth here this Wednesday evening. Living on this hill that overlooks the new community center next to the local river park half a mile way down below me where they will hold the first Ole Opry Western Concert with fireworks to celebrate the fourth of July. There will be loads of people that cause the two lane highway currently under massive use because of the new Eagle Ford Oil find in our part of the world to be even more congested. Allowing all those who visit here that evening, a great view, awesome music, good company, outdoor cooking and comfortable access in and out.

Who knows exactly how this will play out? Just with my current awareness of the finding the feelings of the end results I expect and allowing the details of the how’s left up to the Universe, I suspect a whole lot of fun, entertainment and Great Company!

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