Coaching Results Just Keeps Getting Better…

I finished posting my writing last night, just sitting here thinking. Late for me when I glanced at the clock showing 10:35 pm, way past the time of night that I pick up or acknowledge the phone’s relevance in contrast to my love of a good night’s sleep. Just this sense of importance had me reach for the phone and answer it. To find one of my long time client’s, jumping for joy, her husband excitedly interjecting in the background, as she began thanking me for all of my guidance, support, coaching and direction with her Stallion I had started under saddle two years ago. When I was so impressed with his natural ability, at a walk, to slide his hind feet up under himself, I suggested with his looks, ability, and demeanor he needed to be elsewhere.

I had met these two more than three years ago when an article in the local paper featured me, my work with horses, health and EFT. She had been severely injured and lost her nerve to ride in working with the young horses from the Appaloosa herd her and her husband raise. I had helped her work through this in a series of lessons, which led to my re-starting and starting almost all of their herd in the last few years. Toby, their two year old foundation bred Appaloosa stallion, who is gorgeous, was a total uncontrollable brat, in need of a job. When he was finally old enough, and they were comfortable with my abilities, he came to my place for me to assess what to do with him. I discovered his natural tendency to slide, really get up under himself. I knew of several reining trainers in the area, also aware of the prejudice against Appaloosa’s, so I promised them I would call around and get them set up in the right direction.

Called Todd Martin, having had several conversations with him in the past over what he looks for in a prospect, just not sure if he was App friendly. When I told him what I had found, he was interested, so I hooked them all up. My client has allowed the Martin’s to bring this horse along slowly, only showing him a three or four times placing or winning each time to accumulate in winning 65th National Appaloosa Horse Show Hackamore/Snaffle Bit Reining class by six and a half points over the second place horse last night in Oklahoma.

They were so jazzed, seems the trainer and the rider have never won a national before. They had several people come up and offer to buy Toby (VKS THUNDER MOON) for so much more than they ever thought they would turn down. She told me it is the first time a foundation bred horse has won this event, and they all owe it to me, for being so honest, so helpful, so sure this is what they needed to do and where they needed to take him. Better still, she told me of all of her visualizing, what shirt her husband would look good in to show off the blue ribbon, where to hang it, and where she would put the trophy. How she has been telling everyone about me and the work I do. I so love my life, what I do, my ability to trust myself and open my mouth to help those I meet to learn how to fish for themselves, by believing in their dreams and their ability to have them come true!


About irfriske

Trainer, coach, teacher, parent, writer, exploring and sharing the connection through observation of what the Universe reflects back to us in our continuing education in living, loving, and enjoying life in interacting with horses, people, and animals.

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  1. Oh my goodness, how wonderful, Cat! Congratulations! What a good feeling it must be to know that you have so beautifully impacted the lives of others just be being yourself. Many cheers and pats on the back. ~ Lily

  2. Congratulations! It is nice to know you are appreciated everywhere. 🙂

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