Carburetors, Consciousness, Choices, Creativity

So many things to consider in getting from point A to point B. Especially in this last week or so, of the many events and happenings that make up the minutes in a day. A lot of which I am now becoming aware of that I create deliberately or by default in the choices that I make by the intentions that I set forth in my observations of a problem or situation as possible or impossible. Perfectly displayed by my mowing of the grass a few weeks back, as I was just so enjoying the ability to go from the helter skelter look that accompanies a torrent of nitrogen infused rainfall. (Lightning storms = nitrogen rain) Causing weeds, grass, flowers, and everything that grows to sprout in wonderful disarray of abundant greenery that I personally love to see clipped and manicured.

As I got up really close to the wire strand fencing, in my desire to minimize my weed eating, a strand of wire slipped into the space where the throttle adjustment thing is, suddenly causing my machine to sputter, cough, hack and run in an extremely rough fashion. My first thought was “I’m not a mechanic”, how can I get this repaired without having to haul it back to the lawnmower guy, who does not like to service the brand I purchased. Annoyed with myself for fouling up my machine and stopping my intention for a trimmed driveway, I drug the machine back to the barn as I began to get this figured out. Aware I have a son with tremendous mechanical aptitude, whose busy, it would be inconvenient, and … I know some men who have these same qualities, same situations, same…

So I thought how it would feel once I got the machine fixed, the grass cut, and the front looking neat and inviting. About then the phone rang, my friend up in Washington was checking in on our once a week visits, as we tell our stories, the things we were pondering, then possibilities and solutions began to emerge and be exchanged. He gave me several ways to look at the mower, to go the store where it was purchased, take pictures of the space in question, and then compare the two to see what had been pulled out of whack. I then went on line to view several self-help videos over what a carburetor was all about, “knowing I could figure this all out”.

Several hours later of pondering, observing, and feeling my way through all of the data, with the full intention of doing this by myself, for me. I found the bent line, the clip that had been moved from the front of the choke to behind it, with a piece of wire, lots of patience, and a tiny lift with a set of very long nosed pliers. I received the pleasure of my mower back up to full, normal, running capacity. My grass once again being mowed and trimmed to the pleasant, organized operation I like people to see when they are passing by or pulling in.

Pleased with myself for my ability to maintain my focus on the final picture I expected. Allowing the Universe to help me put the pieces together by not messing with how I would get it done, just what I desired for final results. Then using all of that scenario my entire week in seeing my pens full, my clients enjoying themselves, readily paying and wanting more of my time. Visualizing much laughter, money, time and effort all being simple and enjoyable with answers easily presenting themselves.

Especially so in the situation with the newly gelded horse, whose owner has decided financially to back my sessions with his horse’s movement recovery from way too long hooves, of twice daily to once a day. I know he is doing the best that he can, so the Universe has come to his assistance in providing me with a new young filly to train two pens over. That he now paces up and down in his pen (since it takes at least 45 days for the testosterone level to change) talking to her, telling her how wonderful he is, she is….blah, blah, blah. Yet marvelously causing him to self-exercise in his attempt to get her attention. When before her arrival he was just standing there being all ouchy, miserable, and almost impossible to motivate. Now finding a much needed reason to move in his pen and when he comes out, as he talks to her constantly…though a little less every day. His legs showing the continued improvement, as the swelling and tenderness are becoming less and less apparent as his body begins to recuperate from the few years of neglect.

All of these choices are always ours. Can we or can’t we? Our intent so connected to our beliefs. The no’s stop us, the possibilities draw us forward. Looking for a solution is life giving, staring at the problem stops us in our tracks. Bad mouthing, cussing, screaming, crying or kicking ourselves when we are down, seems like we are doing something because we are venting, we are allowing it out. Just noticing how long we stay at the unhappy feeling side of the problem, before venturing out to find a few solutions. What choice do I make, for I always get to choose. I get to decide if I continue to dig through all of the trash of yesterday or the treasures. I love the things that feel good, I know those are the feelings to treasure, to find more of, and to believe “I can figure this out, I usually do, and I can share it with others!” One simple day, hour, minute, or moment at a time!


About irfriske

Trainer, coach, teacher, parent, writer, exploring and sharing the connection through observation of what the Universe reflects back to us in our continuing education in living, loving, and enjoying life in interacting with horses, people, and animals.

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  1. What a positive post. I find so much inspiration in the way you write, Cat, or maybe it is the way you live; presentation of a problem, accompanying feelings added, possible solutions explored, then problem solved. And, it is sooo impressive how you fixed that machine. You are amazing. Maybe your son got his mechanical aptitude from you! I do believe there isn’t anything you can’t do. Keep on, and with happiness ~ Lily

  2. Very impressive and inspiring. The satisfaction of fixing the mower must be huge. I love the way the universe assists your horse. 😉

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