One Foot, Two Foot, Old Foot, New Foot….

Haven’t written in quite a while as I have been figuring out my path in what ways or directions to go next. Literally one step at a time. Wonderfully having this ever present, huge mirror of the animals currently in my care to help me solve the attraction of and the way to bring changes that are right for me. Step by careful step I have found the way to move myself more freely than I was ever led to believe was possible. And like many of the solutions that occur in my life, the biggest help came with the influx of three of the last four horses to come to my place for training…(mostly with the horses teaching me)

My experiences all involved the horses with physical difficulties to move about easily and effortlessly. All my original inclinations of these animals in need of chiropractic adjustments, which all stemmed from their former owners having issues with farriers, length of time between trims, and the horses being low ranked on the barn totem pole. Each horse brought with it a different personal learning experience for me, as to taking a true stand for my beliefs about myself, my worth, and my responsibility in each situation.

Horse number one, rescued, feet so long the horse was literally walking on raised up toes, in soft sand, for a new owner meaning to do best for the horse. Just prioritizing the animal over everything and everyone else, who became extremely frustrated over the mounting expense of twice daily rehab. Then freaking out when they asked because of the expense to cut the treatments in half, and the animal’s inability of desire to move without motivation. To then try explain to me all the treatments they would be now seeking for the animal and I would have to wait to be paid till after the animal was fully recovered. Since they could not afford the new treatments, to pay their current bill, and would I consider cutting my fees to help. All of  which led me to update my contracts to include  the Texas lien clause for livestock, till all bills are paid, then they could come get their animal and proceed.

Funny how the whole thing was this huge deal over how wrong I was to stand firm. Where was my sense feelings to this animal, did I not feel sympathy for the animal’s plight. Especially since the owner was rescuing several friends horses who could not afford to take care of theirs. Then I was put in the place to allow examinations by the law, veterinarians and other officials, who all restated my rights, the animal’s needs, the owners responsibilities, the proper procedures, steps A thru Z. To then just as suddenly 48 hours later, I am paid in full, the animal has been moved to a new facility, the vet was so impressed with all of the improvements I had gotten in just a month with my protocol, and my contracts have some much needed updates and clauses.

Horse number two and three both had the needed chiropractic adjustments, just in adding the rehab exercises, flexing, and agility movements suddenly their feet became really big issues. To the point of on Tuesday of this week I felt I was more hosting a medieval torture chamber in just taking the animals out of their pens to walk across the packed soil to get to the damp, plowed softer, arena soil. Causing me to become an expert at putting on boots for soaking, solutions, magnets, and comfort, to allow the animals  movement that was still causing me to doubt my abilities to actually be of help to any and all who have come here in this last month. All of this doubt, waiting for approval, signs from the horses things were actually moving forward.

Which all came wonderfully to an abrupt stop Thursday morning when my youngest had not arisen on time, was not answering me from his side of the house, which is where I then headed to awaken him. Allowing my middle toe on my right foot to come into solid contact with his steel toed boot. Where my entire body froze in pain and shock, as I considered what else did the Universe have in store for me? I didn’t have time to waste, I was due at the bus barn in 20 minutes, so I grabbed a magnet, put it under the offended toe, and off to work I went. Drove, came home, worked all five horses with my toe continuing to throb,ache, hurt and beg for my attention.

Finally after I turned all of the horses out I took the time to see how bad the damage was, having total affinity with how the horses and their feet must feel. When this thought crossed my mind. What if I had the magnet in the wrong place? So I moved it to the top, put my sock back on and finished my afternoon bus route to the wonders of a little change in positioning. My toe was joyous, the swelling was gone, the color was better, the whole foot was comfortable, flexible. My mind racing to what if the same was true for where I have been placing the magnet on the horses feet? So for the next 18 hours I applied the magnets in the same place on the top of the two horses hooves. Six hours on the front two, then six more on the back two on horse number two. Then alternating the two hoof boots I own on to the front two hooves of horse number three in an attempt to cover all owied foots in such a short time span.

To find at this morning’s sessions horses that can now move easier, more comfortably on ground they could not even slowly creep across yesterday. All of this change coming about because I chose to follow these strong gut feelings, some of which severely challenged what I have read or understood from others beliefs and ideas of “their experiences” from wherever it was they were at,as to what one should do. I had forgotten the golden rule of taking care of me, what I do, how I live, how I know from what feels right for me. To learn this includes trusting I really truly do know what is best for me, I know how to do the things that work for my circumstances. I have had to just learn how much of my life and what it is that I do or don’t do is no longer contingent upon what any other thinks about me.

I find it interesting how much I have been prejudicing so much of my life based on others reactions. How totally ingrained many of my life habits have been based upon societies, my families, my friends, or any acquaintances reaction might be. Especially since I have always been so very good at going off the deep end to prove to myself I am accepting of others no matter what. Not realizing all of this proving was at the cost of my own desires, wants and needs… squashed, shut off, or hidden from myself so I was right, honest, good and I fit the description of a responsible business person, friend, wife, owner, competitor or whatever the current label was. A description based upon all of my learning’s  of what a person should, would or must be, instead of just being me, without the thought of consequences of some “one” person might not approve. What a tightrope to have fun upon, balancing as fast as the scenario of people might change.

Such a simple, long tangled web, that I have now re-weaved into this incredible path of steps to my dream catcher of “My Choices”…


About irfriske

Trainer, coach, teacher, parent, writer, exploring and sharing the connection through observation of what the Universe reflects back to us in our continuing education in living, loving, and enjoying life in interacting with horses, people, and animals.

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