Ask, and It Is Given

Putting out the request to the Universe to learn how to listen, understand and be more in touch with myself… and bam did my day unfold exactly to fulfill that request. Starting with the feeling of how I expect to be treated, as outlined to my youngest in a format he immediately began to respond no, No, NO to, sort of in shock that I would even dare to not consider him in my deciding how I wish to live, love and be treated. Explained with a fair exchange of payment for services rendered, and money subtracted for chores I had to do over or are left incomplete.

As of tomorrow unanswered alarm clocks, animals unfed, student unfed, or any cause of waiting caused by said student… $1.00 per inicident, plus each time known house care, or job responsibilities left undone. All chores done nicely and cooperatively will be paid for at the end of each two week period, bonuses for any extra jobs done without asking, or chores done beyond what is expected.

This all coming about after this last weekend and all of this massive tiredness, from school, football, life, etc, etc. Which I had almost bought into till I made the declaration to take care of me more and the realization hit me. Here is a 14 year old, 6’1, 210 lb boy, whining and begging for money, at a house where his mom works at home, there are lots of chores to do, and he won’t unless threatened, begged, or cajoled, lift a finger to help. I pay cash, I bring in good money and he doesn’t have to have transportation or find a work. I realized I had so bought into the story of “poor me” and now thought oh well “that was yesterday and yesterday’s gone” to coin an old song.

To then have two incidents pop up of others stating their dilemma’s to me and I now realize I wasn’t listening as a sounding board… heck no I dove off into their stories and tried to figure the best way to help them feel better. Then finding myself inundated with stories on my home page, on Facebook, at work, all of these people in dire problems, being rescued or aided to sit there and feel helpless while another baled them out or rescued them. Aware of the horses’ differnce in attitudes toward me when I had something fun and humorous happen, how easy they were to listen, mold, teach and work with. With the immediate difference after I received a text over the crappy day of an old friend and I first felt the urge to wait to reply. After being met by the horse I was saddling with laid back ears and this defensive, tight posturing of “go away, you’re not comfortable to be around” suddenly aware of what my energy must be feeling like in the uncertainty of what to do to help, save or aide another, who was not asking.

Finished riding to go inside and start the game “Gem Swap” which is a timed, rhythm type game, allowing the various incidents to play around in the background while I got deeply involved with the flow of the game. To suddenly see the whole series of events perfectly connected and their attracting factors. When I was seeing another as needy for help, unable to do for themselves… I would then attract the entire troupe of stories, and situations to match just that in my mind. I would then start losing, feeling unable to get past the first few simple levels, having the light go on as to the energy feeling of yuckiness of seeing another as helpless.

I began to re-run each person, place or incident in my mind now seeing them finding their own answers, feeling good about their abilities, the fun of getting their own minds and hands in the creative process of figuring things out for themselves. Ithen suddenly found myself all the way up to level 10 in what felt like seconds. It is just so cool to find, look at and do the things that feel better. Until step, by simple better feeling step, I suddenly find myself comfortably gliding on a very easy waxed surface with just the right amount of downhill slant to gently, ease along fully listening to all of me. I am so getting into my body’s guidance, my gut instinct. I really can tell what feels good, bad or otherwise for me… DUH! 😀


About irfriske

Trainer, coach, teacher, parent, writer, exploring and sharing the connection through observation of what the Universe reflects back to us in our continuing education in living, loving, and enjoying life in interacting with horses, people, and animals.

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  1. Turning game theory into game therapy into game play 😀

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