Seems like a simple enough question to be asked and in some ways very easy to just answer by popping off the first thing that comes to mind if one is just in a casual sort of conversation. Just now days I intend to honor myself and another with a thought out answer that feels exactly where I am coming from and where I am expecting to eventually be…

Why do I get paid to play with people and horses? Because I love the feeling of connection of two separate species learning to dance and communicate as partners. Each one being who they are, yet connected in movement with an ease and flow that allows each to feel the beauty of life, happening, alive, flowing like a stream in an easy, soft, effortless nonverbal form of communication. Where there appear just subtle motions, to be answered by a lowering of the head, the raising of the back to move in refined coordination with the leg so gently suggesting short or long stride forward, sideways or back. Always in an effort for asking and responding in the simplest feel of whatever movements each rider finds for their connection to their horse.

The lesson tonight a perfect example of teamwork, communication, and caring as the rider had her third ride on her young horse who has been in training now for the last month or so, while she was learning on my little mare how to ask for the movements she experienced this evening . The thrill of watching the two connect, some suggestions taking a little more time than others, as the two found their way to the communication that would work best between them. The rider, tickled at how easily the two of them were doing many of the slow work with simple, easy cues, and how quickly this freshly started horse would snap to do what was asked. My eager student was kidding me as she was leaving that maybe on the way to the airport next week before her trip, she could sneak in one quick lesson instead of missing the whole week…

Why do I own the horses I have… There are hundreds of horses that are constantly being offered to me and have been here in training. They all have different personalities, colors, sizes, breeds and sexes. Many are absolutely fantastic to ride. But I don’t want to own them all. I love being able to ride, teach, and play with them. Just there’s this moment, something lights up, and there is this unmistakable urge/desire to have to own a particular one that no logic sometimes can be made of it. There was one that I fell for the first time I saw him. I pulled over, admired the young horse, then went up to the horse barn and asked about him. To hear the price, so many thousands of dollars out of my range, so I took the next logical step and went to work for the place. Learned to handle all the young horses, even the joy of being the first one to sit upon him, as I relished every step he and I took in the learning process.

Things changed, they hired a professional who moved all the young stock to his facility and he wasn’t hiring. So I sighed, and left, walked away, let it go, moved on. Went to work with other horses, with him out of reach, and out of my mind, till three months later, they called, he was for sale, I said no I did not have that kind of money. They told me the price was now a tenth of what it was before. I got a loan, a halter, my trailer and within 24 hours had him home. To have the most incredible 19 years with a horse that was sold as a washout, who went on to when over thousands of dollars, 55 buckles for my students and me. While teaching hundreds of students to ride. It is so amazing what love, desire, belief and knowing can do.

Why… do I buy the clothes I wear, the food I eat, the drinks I choose, the truck I drive, and live the life I do? Because it fits me, I like the way it taste, the way it fits, the way it sounds, way it feels. I know me, better than anybody else. I am now responsible for figuring out what does or does not work for me. And no I cannot explain the feeling of knowing…its just there, deep inside, it
makes no sense to anyone else. To tell you the truth it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but me…I like it that way, I love being able to choose because I know why…it just feels right, so that means it fits me perfectly!


About irfriske

Trainer, coach, teacher, parent, writer, exploring and sharing the connection through observation of what the Universe reflects back to us in our continuing education in living, loving, and enjoying life in interacting with horses, people, and animals.

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  1. ‘…because it fits me.’ I love that answer. Perfect fit!

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