Even a Simple Cup of Coffee…

Once again the last few days have been this awareness of a slogging through old patterns that I have now become more concious of are still, evidently in place that are being reflected back to me as I have cleared off and released the layers above them. All of this too reminding me of living with a huge old engine running in the background that the noise, vibrations and effects of have gone on for so long… one is numb to their very existence, until the sound is exposed after all the louder, more prevalent ones have been turned off, repaired or exchanged, for newer, more efficient and much more comfortable ones, thus the allowing the separation of each particular problem/dilemma to come into full view.

So very much like the leaks that I have been repairing, finding and fixing in the water and electric bills in my house. The first ones to be repaired are the ones that break… water spewing everywhere, or a machine that just quits working. These more prevalent ones, one stops everything to attend to, fix, or replace immediately. To be happily content with the new update, or the ease of water running efficiently through to shower, wash, or cook with. Though in the newness, it tends to heightens one’s paying attention to smaller puddles, or slight leaks now easily in sight of the newly repaired.

The tweaking and attention allowing a sometimes wondrous reward in a lowering of the bills, which leads to noting what else can be improved or changed to increase efficiency of one’s monetary flow, or choice of action. This all led me on the path of much used trails of thoughts in replacing, upgrading, and experiencing several things on my list: greater finances, truck, fencing, friends, places to go, etc. I found myself deep in thought of how, what, where as I was pouring myself a cup of coffee when the phone rang, to find myself suddenly being asked to assist a former client. I was not scheduled for anything so I stated my morning was open and surprised to discover they had been out on the main road when they called, evident when a minute later they knocked on my back door.

I ushered her in to the office as she started on her tail of troubles, I found myself listening to the story with the awareness of her limited scope of time honored and expected solutions, so thoroughly stuck under the cover of impossible to implement in the short allotted space of time. Surprised at the words that suddenly came pouring forth from inside me, as I told her of the Universe’s abundance was much like the cup of coffee I had poured her, which she had been holding with her hand over the top in an attempt to hold in the heat.

I explained that by asking God/the Universe for help, letting it go, and then focusing on just seeing herself happy, smiling, all the components now in place as she readily appreciated the wondrous outcome, she would be allowing things beyond her ability to come into play. Not like the cup of coffee she now held with her hand over the top. All of her ideas of how to fix it were in the cup, covered by her hand as the only way for things to work out. Nothing else getting in or coming out, though once her hand was removed, it would allow all of the possibilities she could not currently see or feel in her current state to flow in from all the places beyond her imagination, to freely fill or even overflow her cup. From the vantage point of God/the Universe who has a view not encumbered by fear, lack, or the feeling of impossible.

As the light went on inside of her, her body shifted, became softer, more assured as a wave of yawns overtook her and the sense of things can work out when we get out of our limited thoughts of how. I felt the same realization in me over these small, now louder sounds of the other old machines of habits that I am still finding have been silently running my life. Which I have allowed to do so because of trained, limited beliefs from my previous experiences and expectations. I too can now change as I realize I have created these conditions and I am ready, willing and open to releasing the patterns in me and my consciousness that created them, as I now open myself to the full abundance of the Universe. Making even a simple cup of coffee right now, the only path of the Universe to reach me in my asking for assistance in moving forward to being and experiencing all of me!


About irfriske

Trainer, coach, teacher, parent, writer, exploring and sharing the connection through observation of what the Universe reflects back to us in our continuing education in living, loving, and enjoying life in interacting with horses, people, and animals.

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