The Lesson in Truck Buying…


This last week since finding the truck I put on my wish list/ vision board back in the year 2001. Has been an incredible odyssey of discovering many hidden layers of truth about myself, starting with the initial decision that this is so the truck for me, although I had originally been willing to settle for just any truck to drive.

But thanks to taking my long standing friend with me for trial drives who told me after we had driven another one on the same lot… at least drive it. Stop drooling and take it for a spin. Which we did and judging from the look on my face, she stated this is it, no settling, go for it. To then have to sit and wait for 3 days as they fixed the vibration the lot manager had discovered before I came into the picture. All the while me going through the highs and lows of acquiring a much desired dream with all kinds of past remembrances that came up and were dealt with.

To find the real lesson involved in the last 3 days after everything seemed ready. All the players had their places, I walked in Tuesday with my list of things on the truck that still needed to be addressed. Signed an agreement of the work to be done, going home fully expecting to sign the final papers in the morning…

But the salesman was half an hour late, it had been raining all night with an extremely heavy downpour just minutes before I headed to the car lot. Causing the most awesome rainbow that I took the time to stop and get a shot of in taking it as a sign all of this would work out fabulously, when in getting to the lot to finalize the deal it was discovered both of my bankers were out sick. The loan officer in charge could not find all of the paperwork, I had a client coming in thirty minutes, so all decided it could wait till later that evening, giving the bank loan officer the time to get all of the required information together.

I went home in a state of euphoria as I had noticed a sign on the calendar behind the salesman that said “dios te ama” which I quickly looked up and found it to mean “God loves you”. So I know everything is going to work out perfectly, as I greet my client, have a fantastic, easy, insightful lesson. Finish my chores, ride the other horse and get in the truck to go back and drive the afternoon route. To have the most horrendous grinding noise comes out from under the front end of the truck. So I slow down and in touching the brakes have it pull hard to the left.

Knowing it is only a mile and a half to work where we have fantastic mechanics, I drive slowly and carefully, get my bus keys, and ask the lead mechanic to check out the noise and let me know about my truck. As I get in my bus to head out on my route not knowing what to expect, just trusting it is all meant to be. When I get a call from the mechanic who says it’s the calipers and brakes, don’t sign anything till they are fixed.

I come back from my route, call the salesman, who has me carefully bring it back to the lot. They immediately put their mechanic on it and give me a ride back home so that they can fix whatever is going on. I call into work to arrange for a ride in the morning and do the waiting game of “now what, okay this happened before I actually bought it, God is taking care of me, etc. etc. etc. that lasted until 11:11 this morning when I just turned it all loose, let it go. Told myself “this or something better” truly meant it and felt it.

12:12 the phone rings, they have all new brake pads, there was a bolt on the caliper that had come loose, causing the pads to shift and had to be repaired. They were bringing me the truck to drive, take to the mechanic and do whatever else I felt was right. Where I then took it back to my mechanic and it passed with flying colors. So I signed the paperwork and marked my truck with the biggest gold and purple bow in total celebration.

To then find this fast talking, super hyper voice going on in my head… about celebrating, showing everyone, dancing in the street, and half a dozen other crazy ideas. Fascinated as I was with the conversation, I could truly “feel” my gut saying no. Get yourself a treat. Love yourself for what you have accomplished. Take care of just you.

I sat in total amazement as I recognized, the ego, the little kid in me that has been throwing these fits all of my life, trying to be seen by others, so unsatisfied or unbelieving in her own good. I realized there has been this split in me of my brain thinking and my body reacting any and every time the two did not agree.

Wow! I stopped, I listened, I sorted, I realized how cool it was to figure this out, all because I let go, let the Universe/God have the full ability to see all of the right pieces fitting together because I gave up the need to control “how” any of it would turn out. Life, still, every minute…amazes me!

About irfriske

Trainer, coach, teacher, parent, writer, exploring and sharing the connection through observation of what the Universe reflects back to us in our continuing education in living, loving, and enjoying life in interacting with horses, people, and animals.

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