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The Mechanics of Truck “Body” Repair…

Quietly, slowly, listening to the directions of my body as my mind still occasionally tries to go on these varied tangents of thoughts that rapidly fill my head when things happen in ways I did not expect or anticipate. I find that as of late, even when I start to fill angry or frustrated it always seems to come from my mind first. As I become fascinated with the oh so different response found in my body or gut, which indicates that it really is a matter of choice as to how I react now to any situation. Case in point this last week in maneuvering through the steps to owning and finalizing all transactions of my choosing to buy a used vehicle. I find the teachings I need most are easily laid out before me to notice and do something with or just wait and the lessons are repeated in much louder and more obvious ways.

My truck was taken back to the main dealership on Wednesday for the seven items on the list to be repaired and tended to. So I was wonderfully excited to be able to inspect the final results yesterday and have today with my check list drive. Finding myself after thanking them for having it back before this weekend, I jumped in after a quick run through of the items on the list. Fire it up, pull out onto the main road where as I get comfortably into the stream of traffic, my eye catches a missing piece of interior paneling next to the left front windshield. It was so broken and obvious I almost doubted that maybe I missed that before, when my glance in the side mirror to change lanes and turn around to go back, spots even more damage on the other frame, to find myself thinking “okay there is a lesson here” as I pull back into the dealership and the salesman comes out to find out about my quick return. As I explain and then we slowly go through the entire checklist and find there are still two things that were not completely done though have been checked off as repaired, to now after this weekend and his calling the owner about the new problem be attended to.

I continue on my way knowing things will be just fine. Finishing the evening with no other incidents and in a relatively confidant frame of mind. To go treat myself to scrumptious meal and wonderful root beer float to start the celebration of my trip forward into my new life of self-declared freedom, making plans with my youngest for an early breakfast and road trip to San Antonio to fully test out the mechanical repairs with the longer distance.

 The truck ran so much better than before, now with a fully functional blower for both the ac and the heat as we maneuvered into the parking space for a simple breakfast before going into the adjoining supermarket. Where to my surprise as we opened the back doors to put in the groceries we found the missing broken pieces stuffed under the seat. When in pulling them out from the back caused me to glance up and discover the hole broken into the bottom of the dashboard, causing the total damage from repair of one simple fan switch and temperature adjustment to become a definite sign from the Universe that none of this existed before I had it repaired, and I still need to slow down and feel each baby step of walking this new talk.

I like how I got confirmation for the doubts I had in my mind over “did I not notice” where my gut all along kept urging assertion in finishing this feeling and owning my empowerment lesson. The salesman has been fantastic; I know all of this will work out. I love the understanding and knowledge I have gained in my new ability to find what is right, have the Universe align the steps to change or fix the other things to the benefit of all. Plus the guidance to trust my body in each step by feeling for the right solutions, ideas and directions to turn, as it gets easier as I feel what I am thinking, verses struggling for just the right thought.

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