The Shopping List…

Yesterday was a day of more discovery as I played with my “now” miraculous ability to obtain just about anything and everything I wanted in a form that I have been doing most of my life. Just obscured from my view as this being any kind of a means to an end. It was so easy, so right there in plain view, in a simple working format that has been accomplishing me getting tons of stuff for years. I have been just so used to seeing it as a simple tool for going to town, the store, or a place to add items to as they ran out. But because I have been paying so much more attention to when things just easily show up when I ask for them… like a piece of gum, a drink, or something to quickly munch on. I now noticed this ability to ask and obtain in the form of writing down anything I could taste, feel, or sense I desired. 

About a week or so back, as I was headed to the store and I was scanning down my list for things in the house to be refilled. I thought about having a date and being in a playful mood, added that to the list. As I was wandering around the store about thirty minutes later, my phone rang and I looked down to see a number I did not recognize. So I answered it as a business call, to find a rather interesting male on the other end of the line. As we talked and discovered many things in common, horses, being single, living within miles of each other, kids the same age, even our birthdays almost hours apart.

Having so much fun just sharing, talking and enjoying the conversation… we set up a date to meet a few days later when we both had free time. I continued on with my shopping, highly aware of what had taken place in the short time between me adding a date to my list. So I decided to test this possible venue a little further, to find that most things I put on my list occur, if I add them, moving on to the next item, just this sort of forget them, it will be there.

Much like the peripheral thing horses do. They live in a world of focusing and feeling on their general up close needs, and when they spy something moving out of the corner of their sight. They rearrange their focus, till they can figure it out, whether to look at it closer, or dismiss it as unimportant. To then go back to the most prevalent thing that allows them comfort. Whether that be eating, drinking and playing or leaving for safety.

So I have been steadily noting down the things that are of important to me: Newest goals, fresh affirmations, needed or desired things. Paying attention to when something shows up, if I like it, I enjoy it. If it is not quite what I truly want, I put down the changes in my notes. A kind of consistent tweaking, manifesting, adjusting, allowing. To find more and more stuff almost magically appearing, especially after my friend’s wonderful reminder of a thing called lag time. Where like baking a cake, we mix all the things together, go do something else while it is cooking and come back to eat and enjoy it.

Yesterday’s list consisted of: feed, gas, groceries, money coming twice as fast as I could spend it, fun, more interested students, friends to socialize with, and then lastly “getting paid to play.” And off I went to have the most fantastic day, as I bought all the items on my list, came home and while I was unloading the phone rang. A client was calling for a last minute lesson for her granddaughter. By the time I was ending my day, I had earned more than double what I had spent. Had a fantastic lesson with her and her granddaughter, then invited to stay and eat with them. Bought a scratch ticket on the way home after a delicious meal by the pool, and made more than it cost me to buy it.

Everything on my list manifested, accomplished, fun, amazing and simple. Allowing me to then return to the game where I had been so stuck on the one level and amazingly moved up three levels with almost no effort at all. As I became aware of one more thing I was doing differently that I know is a key point in all of this happening.

I kept my focus on what I wanted. I noticed something in my view that was not what I was really wanting, I would change my thoughts to what I did intend to accomplish or have happen. Keeping my view on the desire, the final product, even if that view was just the feeling of fun, but if I could not find the right feeling, I would do something else I did enjoy or want…allowing the cake to bake, and the Universe the ability to deliver without my getting in the way, by having it to happen only in the ways I could think of.

I love this stuff, setting a goal, add it to my list, expect, go do something cause it will be there as the Universe is filling in the steps to it as I keep moving toward what I need to do. Allowing myself to notice things just out of my main view, that temporarily causes me to adjust my focus. Then Voila the finished product is better, and easier than my trying to force it into place, by the only means I can see right in front of me, with my limited view!


About irfriske

Trainer, coach, teacher, parent, writer, exploring and sharing the connection through observation of what the Universe reflects back to us in our continuing education in living, loving, and enjoying life in interacting with horses, people, and animals.

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  1. “the Universe the ability to deliver without my getting in the way.” I love it too, the way God teaches us to relax, he has everything under control. 🙂 Have a great week Cat

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