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Application “Open” (Details Below)

cowboyAfter almost 400 days straight of daily writing, blogging, posting on here and elsewhere… I stopped several months back having not had the slightest inclination until today to write. I took a few steps back to allow my dreams, desires and imaginings to just simmer in the oceans of possibilities that constantly flow through my viewing eyes, listening ears, and my other highly aware and intuitive senses. To discover I have always known exactly who I have been expecting to be in my life.

This after doing, following, training, learning, exploring, testing, and discarding all of the information and ideas I use to allow others to bury my desires under. For no other logical reason than this crazy idea I needed and was expected to fit in. Which now in looking back I can see the total insanity of, as I stand just a smidgen under 6 feet tall. I love my cowboy boots (very round or square toed). I can ride most any horse, though now a days I only ride others horses when the owner is truly invested in learning to become a partner with their animal. I accomplish anything I set my mind upon. I can cook, bake, Bar-B-Que, make or improve most things always adding my own flair and imagination.

Talented, imaginative, intelligent and healthy with my new found love of water and yoga. I appreciate all that I have done, can do and accomplish, coupled with my love of words, card games and my desire to always bring my best to the task or challenge of living fully in each moment. Inclusive of my delving through the computer for ideas and choices, filled with ads attempting to direct me into following the newest, or best ideas of how to accomplish my meeting “The Man”.

The last few days finding me exploring the possibilities of “hiring” dates, friends, or even a professional to go places with… though the latter was more in amusement than sincerity. When this morning found me waking to the sound of the hushed tones of breakfast being made, the giggling of others sincere in fixing a surprise, with the smells of bacon, fresh coffee and the aroma of hot steamy waffles .. tempting me to explore these sounds and aromas

To then fully awaken as I became aware of the last lingerings of my imagined perfect morning, now minus the family, the warm smile from under the mustache of two eyes filled with the desire to share another day of horses, cattle, family, dogs, the outdoors, practice, work, repair, play, with the drive to accomplish and be a better person to myself and others than I was each moment before…

This prompting me to put out my own application…


Height: 5’11” +

Weight: appropriate to height

Shape: Healthy, physical, active, athletically, and mechanically inclined

Looks: Easy on the eyes… mustached

Intelligence: Book, computer, cooking, family, animal savy

Interests: Versatile, expanding and inclusive of horses, cattle, competition, family, the outdoors and fun

Desires: Living life to the fullest, sharing, involved, having fun… Owns the ground they walk on and willing to share.

I have everything to gain from exploring any and all possibilities. Interested qualified recipients please respond below…

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