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Crazy Dreaming

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Really crazy dream last night… Life is not linear, all of the things we ask for we are always being guided toward, but this guidance is more like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. Which is so easy to do when no one distracts our focus on the next piece that we need which is right there in front of us…

Until someone comes up and knocks over the pile and then we are scrambling to clean up the mess and find that piece that we had just been reaching for.

All of the puzzles in the dream when I stepped back far enough, I discovered were actually interlocking steps for the path of my life… Which I inadvertently had thought… taught by well-meaning others input as the connection for my path. When in reality it was their path they were trying to get me to walk with them so they would feel better.

My life stayed fun and exciting when I stayed focused on my path and only guided or assisted others in finding and learning to focus on their own paths. Not leaving my path to push, carry, or do their path for them.

The last few mornings have been this way, wakening from fun crazy dreams which always answered the last questions I thought about before going off to sleep.

I am not a round or square peg to fit into society’s round, square, or by their specifically designed pigeon holes.

I am a multi-dimensional quark, which constantly changes as I play, learn and expand on my journey of becoming a clear flame of light for others to know it is okay to shine, become, qlow and share their own uniqueness light to brighten and illuminate our world!

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