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Random Impulses…

pulseRandom impulses led me here to find several old started posts saved  by me… With the promise of the information they offered. A few minutes of re-reading, an edit or two and poof out here they are for those interested in steps and signs of the Universe guiding me forward…

All of this thinking, listening, being aware of my thoughts as I ingest the new information from my latest audio playbacks from‘s representation of the various speakers from the start of this year. This meant this morning I was once again absorbing more from Ms Hough, to find myself at the end of my morning route, extremely tired and in need of a short nap that I allowed myself, the minute I finished all of the morning animal chores.

To wake up from the coolest of dreams of a football team scrimmage where as soon as the players on either side completed all their drills, be they offense or defense. They then each in turn, played all the drills for their opposing player to allow them to understand both sides of the play. Allowing me the deeper insight into not judging a situation as right or wrong, just allow the information I need to show itself and guide me to the answer I am seeking.

This then was played out in my life when I went back outside to ride. Spying my son’s dog still determinedly digging more holes in the same place for more gophers like the ones he killed 3 or 4 weeks back. So perfectly mirroring the holes my son was digging to make a fort in the ground. Aware of my initial thought of digging deep and going nowhere fast. I then head out to the pasture to remove several of the weeds that have gotten to monstrous to mow. My intention to cut them down was paused in the feeling to take the pick with me, to be rewarded with the ease of “digging” out what had appeared to be several plants in a clump, which was just actually one humongous weed with an extremely large base and a very deep root.With several expert swings of the pick dug out and uprooted the whole plant. My mind quickly grasped the concept of me “judging” how hard the whole process might be by my view from the distance. Versus the instinct to take the pick with the clippers, changing tactics when I got close enough to actually view, then decide the simplest most effective method. My mind reminding me of how frustrated I have been at getting my youngest to clean his room, and yet not go anywhere near the expression used by my parents to get me to do things “Because I said so!” Realizing this was a deep rooted idea, which now in recognizing and viewed differently all because I have learned to understand why I was stuck in the first place. It is so much easier to change myself than force change just because I think that what I another want changed on the outside will make me feel better. I realized I could accomplish more if I chose to change than talk and explain some long line of belief that I had clung onto for so very long.

This peace settled all through me. I knew I had uprooted not only the weed, but an old issue I now viewed differently. To have the rest of my day turn into a magical journey… Back to drive my evening route where they informed me the heavy rattling and shaking that had been a constant annoyance. Was because not only had the weight come off of a tire, but one of the tires was severely out of round. They changed it out and I had the smoothest ride in over a year. My son came home, after I changed my expectations, all chores done successfully, immediately, and the rooms (more than one) are clean.

Wow, just be in the moment, take out the judgment, allow for all things to be of the Universe conversing with me. Paying attention if how I am feeling is positive or negative. Remind myself to take things one step at a time, ease into change, pay attention, breathe in between thoughts, love, listen, and trust my instincts. It’s all good!

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