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The Possibilities Await…

By being fully in the moment. One is connected to “All of Life’s” possibilities. To focus on something for a moment is to be aware of it. Acknowledging its place in the scheme of the moment, just not attached to it.infinite

When something so catches one’s attention to narrow the focus into more than just a passing glance, it causes a change in fluidity of the moment. With such continued focusing length determined by how easily it is to classify/fit the now observed point into the moment for the intended desire.

Pinpoint focus is the decision something is so absolute clear, perfectly aligned with all of the intentions…

Or acutely different, out of place, feeling off, confusing, and necessary to understand. The discomfort causing this need to then become a building frenzy of brain activity.

If the cycle is not interrupted as the frenzy escalates, the body goes into an acute stress response utilizing the fight, flight, feed, freeze or faint survival modes.

In my awareness of learning to be present and watching those who are studying for a specific outcome. I now realize my lifelong ability to learn by osmosis, is because I would recognize a need/desire, and “allow” myself to be led by staying present for an answer. Causing my expansion of the ability or outcome to reveal itself to me to do or be an instinctual, confident, comfortable response.

Many students are focused on the “specific outcome they expect to change”. Working so diligently toward the “one thing that if it were different” would quantify their proof of having the perfect solution. Stuck with a specific picture of the intended outcome, “if it were better I would be a success”. Instead of reaching for the desired success which “feels amazing to have accomplished.”

Many of the major discoveries were accidents noticed on the path to something entirely different. Example such as the microwave, pacemaker, post-it-notes, penicillin, and Viagra. Interestingly many of these discoveries actual came about from the feeling of success the discoverer kept reaching for… Accidental success.

The Wright brothers were open to any and everything because their focus was on actual the feeling of flying… not what they were flying in. They lived the feeling of intention successfully flying and they flew… Deliberate success. It’s always a choice!

Wandering Deep In Thought…

Today marks my birthday, another day along this path of self-discovery, fascinated as always with the wealth of information that keeps presenting itself for me to discover, read, delve into as I explore this realm of earth I currently inhabit. Definitely looking into old habits, ideas, and thoughts as I begin to journey further afield each day, as my dreams become more than just thoughts quietly percolating in my mind.

I find myself suddenly opening and re-examining old forms of energy work, that I had study and used with immense success several years back. At which time I had the feeling of being adrift in a very large sea, many miles from any friendly shores. Aware now of how much of what came so easily to me, is now becoming much more common place and acceptable. Once again amazed at how the Universe has so directed my life to learn, understand and position myself in the perfect place, at the perfect time, with the most ideal tools to be welcomed with wide open arms.

Yesterday marked an amazing accomplishment. One of my five year old students had showed up again for their lesson. The parents faithfully bringing the horse and child for another lesson, which once again started with them asking their daughter if the father was to be the rider or the little girl. At her okay, the horse was groomed, saddle, warmed up and bridled, then taken to the mounting block, with her mom just hoping her daughter would actually get on, have a lesson with no tears, no scene.

I had already okayed it with the mom to try a form of energy work on this young lady, watching as she stepped onto the block, then the leg up to the first stirrup, where she froze as she started to get on. I immediately started asking her questions, quietly assuring her to just pet the horse on the side and just lay across the saddle.

Several questions, several energy sweeps, each time progressing further across the saddle, then actually astride the horse. The mother quietly thinking if the horse with rider could just take one or two steps, then…  All the while, with each change in her body posture, I would ask the little girl a consistent string of yes or no questions, then ask to redo another energy sweep. Slowly progressing on from one step with me leading, to two, till we were doing the entire round pen, each accomplishment following the changes I could see in her face and feel in her body.

We continued like this for almost an half an hour, till the little girl was sitting up grinning, talking about how much she loved her horse as she was once again riding at a walk, completely by herself. She then signaled she was tired, ready to get off, to then take her horse back to the mounting block. Got off, undid all  of the equipment, and with her dad unsaddle the horse and to then load her back in the trailer.

The mom was just amazed, after the last two sessions of a crying, bawling, highly terrified little girl, even on my lesson horse. Suddenly back to the wonderful, riding student, eager for her next lesson. Saying even though she watched, heard, and sort of knew about energy work, she had been hoping to just get her daughter back on the horse. What I had accomplished was just so much more than she had even begun to hope for.  Giving me so much more to ponder about the direction I am much more solidly headed back to, after these last few years of just finding a more solid idea of who I am, what I can do, will do, and intend to be.

What an outstanding present hours before the official day. My day of announcing to the world, I have found all of the important pieces of me, dusted off what is great, cleaned up my awesome, polished my poise and hauled off all of what I am not. I so love this life!

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Abraham, Energy, Asking, Receiving and More…

This morning was a well-managed affair of me “caring” for my youngest son and finally learning to not “carry” him. We got to work, I left him with his phone asleep, and got the phone call he was up, hoped that I had a good day, and gone off to school. I was enjoying my bus route as I listened to a rather interesting energy audio… To be then called again almost an hour later with him totally taking responsibility in calling to tell me he had fallen back asleep and was now headed to school. I was so fully aware of how great it felt to have him call, not begging for help, pleading his cause, whining or any other the old stuff. Just a solid, I messed up, I am fixing it, I will talk to you later Mom!

In such an excellent frame of mind, I purchased feed, went home did my chores, and settled into a few games of solitaire as I allowed the morning thoughts to find me. Feeling the changes of the last few weeks popping up in all kind of interesting, wonderful ways, which included a new mental thought “I have a gold mind, I am attractive and I profit from it constantly!”

As I was musing over my newest word choices, I thought of how different my view of the word attractive is now. Since I used to only think of it in the way someone or something looked. I now love it as a mantra because by feeling attractive, I magnetically pull to me things that are attracted to me.

Then thinking how much I would so love to be asked out to eat, surprised by the other’s treat of the meal, and how much I would really like a book from this morning’s speaker. So I looked the book up, checked my balance, was in the process of ordering when I stopped to check with my body instead of my mind. I got this immediate hesitation, darn and I really did want the book. But if I am going to learn to trust me…so I closed the screen and then received an immediate text from my Abe compadre about her having just ordered the book and Kindled it to me, would I like to go to lunch, her birthday treat to me.

I was on fire, lit like Christmas as we agreed on a time. I then went to finish my newest horse idea, which slowly evolved into a licking, chewing, oh my God, it worked out perfectly. He was now responding like I was a competent leader, his drama attempt not moving me in the least, till finally he completely lowered his head and sighed. Pleased with all of this ask and receiving, I quickly came back in, made her the present of my magical meditation of Susie Mantell. Which as it clicked off done, and the tray popped open, she texted she was just up the street.

 I signed it, sealed it, delivered it, and we had the most fun filled horse, energy, Abraham sharing ideas lunch at both of ours favorite Thai restaurant. To finish my day with a simple, quiet, nothing but thoughts and wild flowers to add to the drive, as I reveled in my new growing, glowing understanding of life. Knowing my new book was waiting for me at the house. More stuff to learn, desire, have, desire, cause, desire, enjoy and keep filling in the sections of my life as I continue to create this life I am now learning so well how to flow with!

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