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The Possibilities Await…

By being fully in the moment. One is connected to “All of Life’s” possibilities. To focus on something for a moment is to be aware of it. Acknowledging its place in the scheme of the moment, just not attached to it.infinite

When something so catches one’s attention to narrow the focus into more than just a passing glance, it causes a change in fluidity of the moment. With such continued focusing length determined by how easily it is to classify/fit the now observed point into the moment for the intended desire.

Pinpoint focus is the decision something is so absolute clear, perfectly aligned with all of the intentions…

Or acutely different, out of place, feeling off, confusing, and necessary to understand. The discomfort causing this need to then become a building frenzy of brain activity.

If the cycle is not interrupted as the frenzy escalates, the body goes into an acute stress response utilizing the fight, flight, feed, freeze or faint survival modes.

In my awareness of learning to be present and watching those who are studying for a specific outcome. I now realize my lifelong ability to learn by osmosis, is because I would recognize a need/desire, and “allow” myself to be led by staying present for an answer. Causing my expansion of the ability or outcome to reveal itself to me to do or be an instinctual, confident, comfortable response.

Many students are focused on the “specific outcome they expect to change”. Working so diligently toward the “one thing that if it were different” would quantify their proof of having the perfect solution. Stuck with a specific picture of the intended outcome, “if it were better I would be a success”. Instead of reaching for the desired success which “feels amazing to have accomplished.”

Many of the major discoveries were accidents noticed on the path to something entirely different. Example such as the microwave, pacemaker, post-it-notes, penicillin, and Viagra. Interestingly many of these discoveries actual came about from the feeling of success the discoverer kept reaching for… Accidental success.

The Wright brothers were open to any and everything because their focus was on actual the feeling of flying… not what they were flying in. They lived the feeling of intention successfully flying and they flew… Deliberate success. It’s always a choice!

Guidance: Seeking, Finding, Listening, Trusting

Seems like such a simple dream, idea, request… simmering in the back of my mind for oh so many years. Tons of words written about and toward it, in poetry, prose and random scribbles, sometimes with lines drawn through them, for fear of… being found out, ridiculed, subject to scrutiny, the what are you thinking, or having to explain why. Why, what a huge word coming from another, such a form of checkmate, stop, re-consider the entire world, those close and those who just pass through. Years of this oh so determined yearning, for this memory that always has called me forward. With clues found in movies, books, random dreams of recalling a past event, or person who once again stirs this deep, long soup of “What If”! Brought even more to the table in this last year, as most of the dreams, visualizations, and memories have shifted, become clearer, more intense. Jostling my footsteps back to person who so touched my life, as to leave remarkable sensations just as vivid as if he were in the room with me.  Last year he found me in March, showing up for quick virtual reality amusing visits at the most unusual times. Causing me to laugh, grin, and have fun in these make believe moments of him right there in my presence lightly teasing, toying, and talking to me. To abruptly disappear in August as another came to try their luck at luring me to a place I thought I could do. Just thankfully I pulled up when the air became too thick to breathe. Amazed at how a quick prayer to the Universe, found me with a text message several hours later detailing his decision to move on… unless I wanted to talk. I sighed hugely in relief, and said no, wish you well, then quietly went back to sorting and figuring me out. Months of sifting, writing, sharing, honing my skills of asking, finding, and sort of following the guidance that is always there, just I sometimes am so human when I miss the cue, because of being still stuck in others opinions of what I do. The last few days have netted me an interesting trickle of money, a few fives, couple of tens, twenty-five, and the other day guided to look down as we are trotting down the road. To espy a single dollar bill, stopped to pick it up, aware there was a larger meaning to this trail, to do with a question I had asked this last week. Netted me the gold of an answer I have been queuing up for these last two months as he has once again been invading my virtual reality. Being told by another to trust myself, to trust what feels good for me, to trust “things always work out for me”. Tonight’s movie, the very theme about my desire, tantalizing just inches away on the big screen, I am enthralled with the Universe showing me “he is coming”. I hurry to return the movie, green lights the whole way there and back, to have a hawk, at dusk, fly superbly over my windshield, just appearing, wings fully spread, allowing me to see his dark supple form before quickly disappearing from view. I breathe in deeply; feel the fullness of the thought just moments before this winged messenger’s appearance. It is my desire, my dream, it is okay to trust, to believe, to imagine…. JCJ

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