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The Possibilities Await…

By being fully in the moment. One is connected to “All of Life’s” possibilities. To focus on something for a moment is to be aware of it. Acknowledging its place in the scheme of the moment, just not attached to it.infinite

When something so catches one’s attention to narrow the focus into more than just a passing glance, it causes a change in fluidity of the moment. With such continued focusing length determined by how easily it is to classify/fit the now observed point into the moment for the intended desire.

Pinpoint focus is the decision something is so absolute clear, perfectly aligned with all of the intentions…

Or acutely different, out of place, feeling off, confusing, and necessary to understand. The discomfort causing this need to then become a building frenzy of brain activity.

If the cycle is not interrupted as the frenzy escalates, the body goes into an acute stress response utilizing the fight, flight, feed, freeze or faint survival modes.

In my awareness of learning to be present and watching those who are studying for a specific outcome. I now realize my lifelong ability to learn by osmosis, is because I would recognize a need/desire, and “allow” myself to be led by staying present for an answer. Causing my expansion of the ability or outcome to reveal itself to me to do or be an instinctual, confident, comfortable response.

Many students are focused on the “specific outcome they expect to change”. Working so diligently toward the “one thing that if it were different” would quantify their proof of having the perfect solution. Stuck with a specific picture of the intended outcome, “if it were better I would be a success”. Instead of reaching for the desired success which “feels amazing to have accomplished.”

Many of the major discoveries were accidents noticed on the path to something entirely different. Example such as the microwave, pacemaker, post-it-notes, penicillin, and Viagra. Interestingly many of these discoveries actual came about from the feeling of success the discoverer kept reaching for… Accidental success.

The Wright brothers were open to any and everything because their focus was on actual the feeling of flying… not what they were flying in. They lived the feeling of intention successfully flying and they flew… Deliberate success. It’s always a choice!


A few more days of cleaning, clearing, re-organizing, refreshing, breathing and being the director of my presently just home movie “Who’s Responsible”. I have been discovering the small, piddle-ly stuff that falls, is brushed off, dislodged, scraped, dropped, or settles down by a slight breeze in passing. That moves dust and tiny debris to various new places to linger, till the broom, cleaning solutions and rags are used to get an area clean. Even if the cleanliness is really just a fleeting moment in time, one that allows the since of accomplishment now… right now. Where even the air seems clearer, cleaner, a whole different sensation to breathe in, one that I love to indulge in just as much as going outside after a cool, crisp, sudden shower changes the entire atmosphere.

I have been reveling in the freedom from working four or more jobs, to re-prioritizing my life down to just few. First and foremost with even these few, has been how to minimize my effort and maximize my outcome with each and every thing I am about to do, by finding the ways to slow myself down to think what it is I want the results to feel like. In allowing my mind to visualize several different outcomes, thus enabling me to choose the simplest appealing route to completion. I have been amazing myself in the feelings that sometimes erupt in the middle of just the thought of doing something in a particular fashion. Before I would have been more prone to rush right into doing because of that’s the way it is supposed to be done, habit, limiting beliefs of frustration, lack of time, or finances.

With this new found area of choices allowed to fill my mind, turn over, analyze, select, indulge in, and decide for myself I have discovered much like eating I can imagine the outcomes and find how it is I desire to feel more alive, as I find all of these selections laid out before me in this buffet in my mind. Sometimes so enjoying this new fun process of selective imagination; I find my work more fulfilling, easier, and many times unforeseen solutions suddenly present themselves that allow me a shorter, and much times assisted way to the finished product. While I am now enjoying myself in any endeavor, much needed solutions too many other areas of my life present themselves to me. Showing me new ways to look at and complete this desire to assist others in learning how to fend for themselves and learn every choice they make, they are fully responsible for the outcome.

I have grown tremendously in letting go of being a mom, wife, girlfriend, co-worker, sister, niece, woman, girl, her, she, it or any other title that use to have conditions attached to the reward of what “felt” like the rules or bylaws of being said being. I now choose to be me, myself, I, Cat, female, maestro of my life. Alive, sensuous, aware, sleek, bidden to know myself more intimately, completely… indulging in life. To taste, select, clear, attract, clean, and clutter in my own way, at my own pace. Awaken to fulfilling each fantasy and desire in my own way and at my own time, in living out loud!

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