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From Under the Shadows…

This is intended to be quick and to the point (hopefully) post on my first day of my newest challenge on BLC:
To read twice daily my life shopping list of positive directions and change them faithfully each time I find one completed, or edit the sentence and change the list to add things that may suddenly catch my fancy.

Seems like a small step, yet the huge benefits I have been reaping from writing things fully out, editing them on my computer and putting a placard next to my night lamp, on my bathroom mirror, and here in full view on the bottom of my computer screen. The fantastic things that continue to manifest on a now almost constant daily basis.

Mostly because of all of the blogging I have been doing, originally just to get myself out of my head, but now to find all of my heart. My learning to pay attention to how I feel about whatever is going on around me. Comparing information and learning to really see, then understand what is actually going on inside of me.

In a few minutes I will be doing the tapping along with Margaret Lynch again about the money shadow, just changing and adjusting the words to address relationship shadows. As of a few moments ago, I could feel the pull to delve inside myself over the work crazy life I have been living since my best friend, my mom, past away a few years ago. I see the comparison from doing the exercise for money shadow, so matching and available for the relationship shadow I uncovered after the movie I just finished watching.

Wow, there can be the smallest thing come to light, which then allows an entire new view, from living so very long with an old shadow we don’t even know we are stuck underneath away from the light. The tapping will commence as soon as the video finishes loading and I finish posting this! I am in charge of my life!

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